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    • Yes, I know what you mean about using object automation to increase workflow. It is a very quick way of doing things and to be honest with you, I have never been a big fan of having my faders moving all over the place by themselves with track automation. Again, that is why I personally like to automate volume at the object level. It leaves me free to adjust my faders right down to the last second before I pull the trigger and mix down to stereo. My previous DAW had the ability to make ALL automation pre-fader, whether it be track or object, so you could automate like crazy and your faders wouldn't move, if you chose to select that option. This is probably the only feature I miss from my previous DAW, but the rest of it was garbage.
    • Dear Andrew,   thanks for all your insight. I am a big fan of objects automation and object editor since as you describe it can give flexible solutions without touching the faders too much or having to handle automation lanes from an early point on. I am with you. Would you make a difference between object freeze and a track bounce of the object´s location (bounce in place)? I am asking as the object freeze data ist stored in a specific folder not in the audio file section. Maye there is something to consider in your experience. I would find it useful to use the freezed objects audio and keep the Freeze Data until the end of composing and mixing as it is a fast workflow.   THX Best regards BX
    • byxx, I personally will freeze a MIDI object when I need to do a volume automation or volume change ONLY on those specific objects. I prefer doing things this way because volume changes on the object level are pre-fader, meaning that the fader will not move with those volume changes. You will hear the volume change, but it will not be seen as fader movement. I will tell you why this is important to me: I can still raise the volume up or down for that entire track with the mixer's fader even after the object's volume has been automated. On the other side of the coin, If you were to  bounce the entire track to audio and then do volume automation changes, your mixer fader will be locked to the volume which has been written in the automation line. You cannot continue to "mix" with the fader after automation has been written. There always seems to be a time where I still want to be able to control the track's overall mix volume after I automate certain things, and this is why I try to do my major volume automation at the object level. And to answer your question about TRACK automation on MIDI objects: Yes, track volume automation on MIDI objects is controlling the audio volume, not the MIDI velocity. I hope I explained this satisfactorily without making it too confusing.
    • Dear Andrew, good to know. Did some track freezing already. BTW. What is the difference to a regular track bounce, which would you prefer? The Object freeze seems quite practical and fast to me. Does it have any disadvantages in the longer run of building up larger projects with lots of MIDI clips? --- I guess regular track automation over MIDI Objects, as I hear it here works as Volume, not Velocity, right? So You always speak about the MIDI Object´s volume Slider inside the clip, as I would understand it. Kraznet also showed some advanced settings to also control the Velocity in a MIDI track with the mixer´s faders and it´s automation. I have not really tried it out yet, but seems to be a pit fall to know about, anyways a good feature, of course.   THX