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    • In my oppinion the MIDI is not too bad in Samp, what I am figuring out a bit at the moment for the composing side. I try to avoid much trafficking of audio material forth and back between DAWs I have my hard times on the CCs a bit at the moment in Samplitude when overwriting the first recording with a cc controller correctional recording. It jumps to the old values here and there. At least, when a MIDI Track or portions of it are done I like the object freeze. It forces the composer/producer to make fast decisions and leave it done with trying to not reviewing everything you did. I think this is one clue to get things done, while you bring it to audio in one click, rather than moving files between DAWs and placing them to the right spots in the grid and such...   In my view it keeps the whole project liquid and flexible for overall small changes over time as the moves on the desk get smaller, plus you can edit a MIDI note any time. At least I try to figure out both worlds in the MAGIX world. Best regards BX
    • I just make a simple bounce, or mix-to-file if I feel like it. I have it placed in to the same VIP project as a new track, then play along with it with the other tracks muted. Or you could do it into a fresh VIP and export the stem of your playing to import into the master. I freeze a lot if using Samplitude as a composing tool, but I must admit to you that I seldom compose in Samplitude. For me it is my mixing and mastering tool. Freeze is not inelegant by any stretch of the imagination, it is simply that for this particular application where I will need all audio files (and the audio engine slider likely switched to the far left to get the lowest latency I can) and a very low buffer setting for that segment alone, then bouncing is how I do it. Terry Terry
    • Dear community, I just checked the cc recording onto an existing cc track for orchestration expressions like velocity etc. During recording the values jump forth and back between the recorded values and the old already given ones. So: Is it better to delete the old CC track or portions of it for recording the new run. Maybe there is a latch mode similar to the mix automation for the CC lanes, too   THX BX
    • Dear Terry,   so muting in Sequoia helps freeing CPU. THere are some check boxes in the advanced settings to be ticked, right? Sure, the single Freeze is a bit increative. So How´s that  quick temp bounce work? I assume, you don´t reimport a stereo bounce with this trick? At least it could contain all the rhythm sections instruments for the groove. This way it would not be necessary to everytime update the temp track to all instruments. For further playback updating the project ,  would you think about creating audio stems (guitars, strings, percussion, winds) and let them run instead the single real  time processed MIDI origins?   Just let me know about the muting settings in Sequoia to free CPU, when active. I made the experience that if you bypass VSTs, cpu is freed, too. But you have to do this manually, right? I have seen, that you can create folders in Samp. I will check if you can use a overall mute from the folder track. Would be nice to switch off several instruments with one click. The track manager can provide several mutes also with check boxes, as I recall. THX BX
    • I play typically at 512. Usually, my mixes playback with adequately low latency at that buffer setting. If not, I make a bounce-down temp mix, mute all the other tracks and add the piano (or other instrument) while listening to the bounced version. This takes a huge load off the CPU and lets you turn your buffer way, way down if you need to. Then turn the buffers back up when going with all MIDI VSTi tracks again. You can also freeze a ton of tracks, but I find the quick temp-bounce technique to be much faster. Terry