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  3. Aborted Independence Content Issue

    Sorry I don't use a download manager. Regards, Kraznet
  4. Playback

    Not exactly what you want to know, but here are somes rules about objects reverb From the manual : "To ensure that reverb does not continue past the fade out, but rather that it breaks off, arrange the object's parameter "Volume" in the FX/routing dialog after the effect." The reverb at the end of an object depend if there is a fade-out or not - If no fade-out the reverb continue after the end of the object, depending of the Payback parameter "Maximum reverb time for objects without fade-out" - If fade-out,the first rule applies
  5. Aborted Independence Content Issue

    Hi, Thank you for your help. Proceeding with the download. Do you have a download manager to recommend? Best, Alex
  6. Aborted Independence Content Issue

    Hi Alex, All 76 image files are uploaded now so you can download them from this link. Regards, Kraznet https://1drv.ms/f/s!ArykvgUqgIgFhZIn-dDYcZ1xJf18kQ
  7. John Dowland CD

    Love it
  8. Aborted Independence Content Issue

    Sorry about that. I forgot I deleted them a while back because a user was complaining they wouldn't download and I meant to re-upload them. I will start re-uploading now but it will probably take a few hours if you can wait and I will notify you when they're ready again. To be perfectly honest the Independence installer is a complete nightmare and you're not the first person problems. Regards, Kraznet
  9. Aborted Independence Content Issue

    Thank you for the prompt reply. The image file you point to does not seem to contain the content (no image files). It is about 344mb in size. I also tried downloading the download manager from the thread but the result was exactly the same as I got before. Also just re-installed the whole Pro X3 Suite.. same
  10. Aborted Independence Content Issue

    I have uploaded the Independence content to my Microsoft one drive if you're having problems. https://1drv.ms/f/s!ArykvgUqgIgFhZIn-dDYcZ1xJf18kQ Download it and put it in the location of your choice. Then open Independence and go to Preferences > Libraries > Add Library and point it to the path. There is also a sticky thread about independence I made which includes this information. Regards, Kraznet
  11. Hi, I interrupted the download of 'Independence' content as I didn't like the path I created for it (on my D: Audio drive). I then deleted the folder with some of the content it had downloaded. Now I am trying to repeat the procedure but it is not working. I choose 'Online Install' and it no longer lets me chose a path. It states: "A previous attempt to install the library has been canceled. Do you want to continue installing?" and offers 2 choices: 1. 'Continue Install' which results in "The path you have chosen does not have enough memory for the installation!" (as if I am trying to install it on the C: System drive) 2. 'Remove', which results in "Deinstallation succeeded" but then it still does not work. It offers me no other option. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Independence and restarting Win 7 PC. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Alex
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  13. Hi Leute! Sorry für die Frage, aber für mich als blinden User ist dieser Aspekt sämtlicher Plugins echt nicht ganz ersichtlich. Immer wieder ist im Handbuch zu lesen, dass man wechseln kann von einem Normal-Modus in einen Expert-Modus. Wo geht denn das genau und wie geht man damit vor? Braucht man dabei zwangsläufig die Maus oder geht das auch irgendwie mit der Tastatur? Und was ändert sich, wenn man den Modus wechselt? Könnte es sein, dass gewisse Presets einen anderen Namen bekommen, wenn der Modus geändert wird? Bei einer Einstellung in AM-Track hieß ein Preset mal irgendwas mit Vocals oder so. Als ich AM-Track an anderer Stelle wieder mal öffnete, suchte ich dieses Preset vergeblich. Dort, wo ich es an der ersten Stelle gefunden habe, hieß es auf einmal "Sustain". Möglich, dass das eine nix mit dem anderen zu tun hat, aber interessieren würde es mich schon. :-) Danke, LG
  14. hey thanks. i will ignore that bit of the app for now then... Though it does make me curious as to how it's SUPPOSED to work, i'm watching some of your vids at the moment. you seem to be the only source i have found that has SAM covered in a substantial way... it puzzles me a little, that a powerful program like SAM has a pitiable amount of info generally. anyway, laterz : )
  15. Regarding Sections. I have tested this and it seems that sections remembers the vertical zoom but not the horizontal zoom. I have just posted about this on the beta forum including this video. Regards, Kraznet
  16. Yes i have. You are one of the main sources of info on SAM. in most cases the ONLY source. so thanks for that. most times i will keep going until i can figure it out. but yesterday i just felt totally dispirited because i had set out to work on some music and ended up doing none, just an eon of messing with settings and such. so was mitharing a bit. apologies for that. i'll go and look at your channel in a bit. if you could advise about the Sections business, that would be excellent.
  17. The section feature is something I've never really used in Samplitude but I will test and see if I can reproduce your problems. When you say a ton of tutorials about these things I have done close to 400 tutorials on Samplitude but not about sections. But I always take great care in showing people how to navigate the interface. I presume you seen them on YouTube? www.youtube.com/kraznet Regards, Kraznet
  18. On this occassion, sections. i cannot get my head around them and it's driving me crazy because i cannot find any help online. zilch. the manual doesn't make it any clearer. when i open a section, i save the zoom in the window but whenever i open the sections again, it has reset to just showing black background. sam is a great program but there ought to be a tonne of tutorials or info about these things. navigating the interface is a real problem - to me, it seems unintuitive. it's putting me off bigtime. if i make a selection in the main window then go to a section and zoom in, i lose the selection. when i open a section 2 or 3 they not only have blank windows, they are zoomed out to a massive amount so i have to try and get to the clip back to the start. again, if i zoom in on the selection it clears the selection in the main window. and vice-versa... anyway, any clear help or info would be appreciated. thx
  19. Hi Kraznet , Respect!...   I was wondering if you could help me with an issue im having, I actually made a post about it. 

    I would really appreciate if you can help me understand whats causing this and how to avoid it. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE.


  20. So, I have a track where I have multiple automation curves controlling various parameters in three different VST plugins. I have another track with the same three plugins. Now I want to copy all the automation curves from the first track to the other one without copying objects or anything else. Is there a fairly direct and simple way to do this? (Actually, I did manage to do this already, but not in a very logic way, so I already forgot what I did because it was sort of weird.)
  21. My new "single".

    Thanks for the kind words. I love doing videos - if only I could get paid for it! :-) Cheers, Bob.
  22. My new "single".

    Very cool !!!! Great work !
  23. My new "single".

    awesome video !!! Great rock song though !
  24. My new "single".

  25. My new "single".

    Thanks Martin!
  26. My new "single".

    Brilliant Bob!! Very enjoyable and great chorus love the video
  27. My new "single".

    All done in Samp, of course. Hope you dig it. Cheers, Bob.
  28. vielen dank für die info patrick, schön dass das umgesetzt wird! (ist ja auch auch nicht so schwer ... )
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