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    Stop at end of project

    Go to System options "Y" , select playback and check "stop at position"
  2. DAG

    small playback drop outs

    Increase the buffer
  3. DAG


    I Joaquim, You have a P.M. Daniel
  4. DAG


    Try the HOTSPOT function. See the pdf "Tutorials_EN.pdf" page 88, to see if it works. Regards
  5. On the phone, why when I'm logged in, the drawings are not observed in the icons and when I'm not, if they are observed?
  6. DAG

    Precision Adjustments

    combination of ctrl + wheel mouse and shift + wheel mouse
  7. DAG

    New SDK skin

    Gracias Fran y D.W. Funciona en la 10 ?
  8. hi, They can indicate to me that it differentiates is between the archives .HO of Samplitude-Sequoia and .H2 of Sam9SE. They are compatible. regards.
  9. DAG

    Files .ho Vs .h2

    Thanks Sebastian, but what is "symetry sensitive version"