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    New Look..

    Really love the new GUI`s for the Suite , Shasha ... some retro GUI`s annoy me but these ones really work for me..Congrats. Best, Rich
  2. Rich Pell

    To Former Cubase Users...

    Speaking of routing. You`ll be glad to here that the routing scheme for vsti/midi in the upcoming 9.1 has been greatly enhanced. The devs. have done a great job in making the routing dialog a no brainer as well as increased flexablilty for multi-timberal routing and arranger workflow layouts. Plus Multi-object editing is on its way !!! Welcome Cubase Defectors ..dont forget to sign up to the regular forum... Best , Rich
  3. Rich Pell

    Question For Former Cubase Users

    I was gong to post something about the velocity tool but i see you already figured it out Jamie.. Rich
  4. Sure ,or just bounce it as audio once youve made programmed your fills in GA. Bounce the groove 1st and the fills after etc...
  5. uh-oh....So then Jamstix won't output it's MIDI info correctly?! Samp. doesnt output midi currently at all.. this is going to be a new feature in 9.1 Best , Rich
  6. Arkadin.. i feel you pain Theres no way of simply keeping a range active once youve changed the cursors position or clicked in the arrange page somewere. But i do recall some talk from the Dev. about implimenting this as an option some point..but.. to get over it in the mean time.. like Tobben suggested, just make a Keycommand in "Y" for "activate last range' and you`ll never really loose it or you can click on it to bring it back. At the same time .. Tobben is right.. theres so much more you can do with ranges in Samp.. and you may find some new ones for your workflow that you didn`t expect originally. Its very flexible. Hope your enjoying Samp. Best, Rich
  7. Thats the part that stll drives me a bit crazy.. "the ever disapearing range.." I`d love to see an option that alows the user to keep the range permanet/active during cursor changes .. But yes, the current scheme is very flexible... Best Rich
  8. Ohh cool.. sorry, i didnt quite get that in the readme, Frank . Would you have time to send me a PM explaining step by step how to do that please, Because i havent notice much difference in the behaviour with the way im routing things here. IFAIK, "solo safe" is the only way to solo multiple routed tracks . Everything else ive tried mutes the tracks. Whats happening here is that if i load K2 in track 1 with "all outputs to 1 track" play a midi part and move on to the next 2 tracks (routing K2 as my VSTi obviously), make midi parts for those 2 tracks as well so i have a midi object in each of the 3 tracks. If i Solo Track 3 (mid cnl3) i will get whats loaded in Midi cnl 3 in k2 + Midi cnl 1 (track 1 and 3). Samps doesn`t mute the midi object in Track 1. So i can`t just solo track 3 and bounce since the track 1 midi object will be included... Hmm but thats giving me an idea.. what if i made 2 midi tracks for chl 1 ..used the 1st as the dummy track (were the VSTi outs are assigned) and put my midi object in the 2nd..assigning that to Cnl 1 as well ? Its still not right..but that may work. Id still love to know the right way to do it.. Best , Rich
  9. Hi Jamie, Well is a bit difficult for me to explain but basically you can`t solo multi-timberal VSTi`s tracks routed to 1 pair of Stereo outs without soloing the main track where you loaded your VSTi as well. And if you have a midi object in there e.g. midi channel 1, then you have to mute that object to decreetly hear a track thats assigned to say, midi chnl 3 , solo Track 1 (where the VSTi and OUTs were initially loaded to) and track 3 . 3 Steps, Just to solo disreetly hear track 3 ... The only way around it is to assign each track to its own output and each midi cnl in you VSTi, to its own output. eg. Midi cnl 1 OUtputs 1+2 midi chnl 2 outputs 3+4 etc... If your running tons of MT VSTi`s like i am with K2 etc.. this would be a nightmare. So what i end up doing as a workaround is simply use the play solo button in the Midi editor whe i want to hear a track and when bouncing ive gotten into this routine were i bounce midi track 1 (where the VST is loaded and the main audio outs reside). Mute the midi object(s) in it. And the keep that solo`d as my dummy track and solo/bounce the rest of my 16 midi chnls. Muting Track 1 is impossible while working since everthing is routed there so one must just mute the midi objects instead of the track... Its not right and it used to drive me crazy since in SX all that is worked out with the VSTi inst. rack acting as the neutral dummy track wer allyour outs are comeing from but ive gotten used to this workaround.. and i donw think about it too much anymore.. though i love it to be fixed. Hopefull with the new Hybrid Engine in.. the dev. will re-write the VSTi routing scheme and this basic thing will be implimented better.. Best , Rich
  10. SEA, i 100% agree. Everything you say is true. Ive been there. Yea, but see.. thats were Samp is diff. Its not going to work the same way an MPC or SX works...you have to wrap your head around re-thinking the way you work. If you can`t .. stick to whats tried and true . Samp. isnt out there trying to cater to the Hiphop producer or the guys who track and comp. huge drum kit recordings and live bands in PT with HW insert compensation etc.... You may be able to do that stuff with a cool workflow one day in Samp ..but i dont think it was initially designed to do that , the way PT or N4 is. I mean the Take composer just arrived in V8.1 or 2 i believe. Thats why people who do that kinda thing should just stick to PT or N4 or Fruityloops or whatever ., unless there prepared for a medium sized learning curve.. i mean its not that hard... For eg. 1st of all midi wize... theres no VSTi inst. rack.. so all the routing has to be done in the midi track or VSTi manager and that makes certain basic monitoring senerios impossible at the moment . That alone is enough to turn your hard core multi-timberal midi guy off . No HW device tempates like in SX. No easy monitoring options in the Midi editor etc... alot is still kinda raw .... BUT..BUt.. its still there. You can still achieve the same results .. theres ways around everything in Samp. Im still making it happen and my work is gettng better regardless of the workflow or obsticles. I love all Dr.Funks and others points but i gave up long time ago trying to make Samp in SX, just cause i wanted my old habits to translate into this new cool program.. its just not gonna happen...its Apples and Limes i guess . Cheers , Rich
  11. Well , as Frank P. already said . V9.1 has more midi additions coming.. more Quantizing options , nudging , Multi-object editor , midi out , XML export etc ..etc.. Of course, midi in Logic , Stieny apps. MPC have been around alot longer than the midi in Samp. Dr. Funk.. Occationally i work with some of the same types of people that you do.. and yea.. "dummyproof" is ticket there . Samp wasnt designed to be a Producers tool.. no one cuts up beats in Samp They`ll be better off playng with tools where the workflow has been streamlined and simplified . Midi in V6 was downright painfull to work with. But since Frank P. has been on board things have really started to take shape . The score feature is brilliant really ... there were very few bugs in that one . Right off the bat it was solid. So hes doing good job and hopefully most of the major kinks will be ironed out in the near future.. As it stands ..i can still do all my midi work in V9 instead of SX and i`d bet that what i have to do midi wize in Film scoring is a bit more complex than laying down your basic "P-ditty fat beats" (love some of those grooves BTW .. soo as limited as it is, without all the bells and whistles.. it s still do-able , right ? And then , once your done dicking around in midi land and you render to audio, you have the bonus of all the great mixing features in Samp . and a great transparent neutral mixdown engine ! Anyways, thats the way i seen it... Funk on! Enjoy the weekend. Best, Rich
  12. @ Dr. Funk ~ Dont get me wrong.. i`d love to see a " restrospective recording" feature in Samp. as much as the next man. But , what i`m finding usefull in the meantime is to set midi record on normal or multi-overdub and just record all the time. Then when you come apon a good take or idea, open up the Take Composer and edit your midi files together. It works really well actually ... @ Sea ~ " Are there keyboard shortcuts already programmed into Samplitude 9 on the midi VST side or do we have to create them ourselves? " Both actually.. you`ll probably want to customize the default ones that are there .. theres also going to be some new ones in 9.1 to accomodate new features and some that dont seem to be well known....( like double Shft + click on a midi note selects that note + all the notes in front of that note...) Hope that inspires a little..Best, Rich
  13. First post here, although I've been lurking for ages. I would also like to know how Canadians can get the x-grade deal too Paul. Hey fellow Canuck Maybe try Eric P. @ Synthax.ca .. thats where i 1st got my order for Samp....Best Rich
  14. Hi y`all, Fellow SX3 to Samplitude migrators. I still use SX3.1 from time to time.. but overall for the past 3 years ive just grown to like Samp alot better. I still hate mixing in SX now , its too much of a toy.. Once you get used to Object based editing its all over Since midi is relatively new in Samp. the trasition can seem hard . But Ive found that through some workarounds.. all is possible . If your stuck on something , dont hesitate to ask.. often someone here as figured out a workaround. Plus, the main midi developer Frank P. is great.. he`s listens to all your suggestions and eventually will try to take of the most important ones. The main midi drawbacks in Samp compared to SX are mostly workflow issues ( like the VSTi` rack which makes monitoring infinately easier in SX ) also the mentioned features like midi FX handling and Monitoring/Solo/Automation buttons in the midi editor. I believe multi- midi object editing is coming in 9.1 .. that will rock Best , Rich
  15. The only ones that dont work fully are the VSTi`s that are able to output midi.. like Groove agent. I have dozens of VSTis ( including all the ones that you mentioned Mr Arkadin, except for BFD) and they all work in Samp. Best, Rich
  16. Rich Pell

    Scoring To Video

    Yes, you can do all that.. you just cant move the video in Samp after youve loaded it..I believe Sequioa can do that though..Rich
  17. Rich Pell

    Cubase Crossgrade

    I havent tried it myself but i believe you can program Keycommands to change engine modes..Welcome to Samplitude... Best , Rich
  18. Rich Pell

    Cubase Crossgrade

    To save you the trouble of reading the posts at Cubase.net. For about a year, Steinberg has been promising a bugfix for SX3. It's been delayed a couple of time, and now, they've abandoned it due to lack of resources. I am a firm believer in say what you mean and mean what you say. Hmm... gotcha. Thanks, Rich
  19. Rich Pell

    Cubase Crossgrade

    Hey.. the last Cubase i went for was SX3.. Im not gonna bother with 4. Just curious why people are jumping ship now ? Whats going on in SX thats so bad? Or is it supper buggy like there 1st releases always are? Best , Rich
  20. Hi, I wouldnt say its a huge leap in terms of VSTi.. but it is better and you can monitor some FX with VSTi in V9. A bunch of bugs have been ironed out in V9 and i have very few problems with it (an ex. Cubaser here)...I think the real VSTi/midi features improvement will come in 9.1 though.. Best, Rich
  21. Rich Pell

    Rex Files

    The only way , is inadvertantly , say through Kontakt 2 or RMX. I know, its not the same thing.. Rich
  22. Rich Pell

    Scoring To Video

    Seems like they could be linked via Re-wire , if the Dev. would impliment it in MEP.. surprised it hasn`t been done yet. Unless theres a drawback that we`re unaware of.. Best Rich
  23. Rich Pell

    Scoring To Video

    Hi Greg , So your saying that MEP11 isn`t any better at syncing to audio with Samp than 10 was? Best, Rich
  24. Rich Pell

    Scoring To Video

    Hi, Yea, there is a "replace audio in Video " type feature in Samps Media Link. Ive never actually had to use it but i assume it does the same thing as SX`s. "So is there a way to do pre-roll though? If Sam only lets you import the video track, I assume it starts at bar 1:1:1, but can we do a minus time for pre-roll (ie: start the Sam project at -99:1:1)?" Yea, sort of.. like, you can do a metronome precount for as long as you like before 1.1.1. But you can`t physically see the preroll space before 1.1.1. unless you create a midi object to do so. I`d love to be able to at least tell Samp where i want my AVI to start on the time line.. even if your limited to only 1 file per VIP without a dedicated Video track. Maybe theres is a way but i havent had time to figure it out.. Like i was saying, Samps Video function is really limited but what it does is very solid ive found . In SX there was more functionality.. but i found it to be extremely flaky. Happy new year! Best Rich