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    Samplitude and Quad core

    Yes, currently Dual core (in hybrid mode) but AFAIK not Quad yet ... HNY, Rich
  2. Hi jamie, Sounds like your doing some good stuff ! Samp should be great for all that.. Yea, SRC = Sample rate convertion. For eg. The way i use it is .. Do my Stereo mixs in Samp . in 32 bit float 44.1 (+ some very basic mastering). Then need to send those files to diff. post -productions houses . Which need to be imported in Avids andd then PT for the final mixs.. so they need to be 48k. I`ll use Rbrain for that SRC.. then i go back into Samp and do a batch convertion down to 16-bit with POW-R dithering... That way i end up with 16-bit 48k files for film. It seems like a pretty clean way to do it. Best , Rich
  3. I think the POW-R is still a good dithering algo. Samp also has its own "Triangular spread noise" setting that is flexible for dithering certian material. I use Rbrain For SRC .. i found it to be a bit better . I never could get used to SX`s overall sound..fine for Electronica ,Techno etc.. but for other stuff.. Samp is really good. Sonar, Protools are very "transparent" as well i find. Best , Rich
  4. Rich Pell

    Scoring To Video

    Sorry dude, busy time of year i guess, Im coming from Scoring with SX3 to Samp and i found Samp to be alot more stable and solid in that department. It definately handles diff. video formats and Hardware overlay alot better that SX. That said the drawbacks are.. that one cant move the video around in Samp and only 1 file per VIP.. unless you go for Sequoia ,which now has a dedicated Video track that is much more flexible... You can make "markers" for your hitpoints .."audio layback"..not sure what you mean by that.. everything syncs up. Hope this helps, Best, Rich
  5. Rich Pell

    Has Anyone Moved To Samplitude From Cubase?

    Hey welcome GJ, I come form the land of cubase as well.. Yea all VST(i) saving are always saved with the VIP , just like SX. I think all host do this now.. not to worry Best , Rich
  6. Rich Pell

    Best Midi Interfaces W/ Samplitude

    The RME Stuff is good. Any of there breakout boxs with midi I/O..Best Rich
  7. Rich Pell

    Tight Midi Timing ?

    The Old Atari`s are about the tightest ive tried..if you can find one on E-bay. Best , Rich
  8. Rich Pell

    Large Memory Aware

    Obviously not. I think your talking about the boot.ini hacks . That can be done in all Windows OS. But once you`v done that, theres still theres still the question of opening up the Samp.exe and adding the LAA linkers switch ,which you can do with a Util. called LaTiDo or Editbit.exe to name a few. Most hosts like Sonar, SX, Ableton will you allow this alteration to your hosts .exe This isnt possible in Samp.exe because of WIBU Dongle protection scheme. You can probably hack the 8.11 Demo though.. Best ,Rich
  9. Rich Pell

    Large Memory Aware

    Hmm.. i find that very hard to beleive that you can alter the Samp.exe with the dongle in XP Pro vs. Home . I think Tobben has Pro . I`ll ask him to test . Best , Rich
  10. Rich Pell

    Large Memory Aware

    No thats a file size limitation thing .. thats useful for when your recording a really long concert ..so you can exceed the previous 2 GB file size. This is a memory limitation issue within your program.. Where most Win XP app. can only access 2GB per. app. But theres ways of modifing your boot.ini along with LAA in your app. that allows you to access more if you`ve intstalled 3 or 4 GB of RAM in your machine and your App. is coded or "hacked" to be LAA . @ S.G.~ Ones OS make no diff. .. if Samp isn`t programed to be LAA , only about 1.7 GB will be able to be utilized within Samp. as some RAM headroom is needed for XP. Even in Vista with 8 GB of RAM. Im on XP home, but theres no diff. since one cant change a letter in the Samp.exe once the CM stick protection kicks in... Unlike other apps ive done this in ..The LAA linker has to be done from the inside . Try it you`ll see... Best , Rich
  11. Rich Pell

    Large Memory Aware

    Who says that? SG I say that! Try it yourself you`ll see .. P.S. Please dont reply back until you`ve actually tried it S.G .. no theoretical rambling please... Best, Rich
  12. Rich Pell

    Large Memory Aware

    The reason you cant 'hack' Samp to be LAA with a user util. , is because the codemeter protects the Sam.exe from being tampered with. So it has to be hardcoded from the inside . Other Apps. like SX and Sonar) let you do (hack) this yourself. All the major softsamplers (minus GS3) support LAA and Multiple processing now, So plugin support isnt an issue. Volker mentioned to me that there considering it..but it will take some work. XP will only let you theoretically access 4 GB per app. XP 64-bit or Vista will allow something like 128 GB per app. ! Currently OSX has the clear advantage in this area already ( im jealous of all my composer friends that have the G5`s loaded with 8 usable GB of Ram optimized in Logic 7 ! ) For musicains that need to access large sample libs. id say this is a huge advantage. More than mulitplie core process IMO. Best, Rich
  13. Rich Pell

    Large Memory Aware

    Samp isnt Laa yet. But more accurately .. i was told that there considering it . It requires a bit of work on the re-coding side AFAIK. Best , Rich
  14. Rich Pell

    A Few Questions About Features Since Samp 7

    O.K. i think its pretty clear at this point that Kraznet and Tekker have to team up to write the award winning D.A.W. guide..: ' Samplitude 9 Power !! ' Great explanations guys ! I`d plunck down my $69.95 for that.... Best ,Rich P.S Welcome back Bobby ..from one ex-SX`er to another..
  15. Rich Pell

    Rewire/reason With Samplitude Demo

    Not Reason, but Live 5.. though i did try some simple tests with the Reason 3 demo and it synced up and bounced fine.. etc.. Rewire in Samp. is pretty solid. You need to open Samp 1st and then slave Reason or Live .. Best , Rich