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  1. Music Video

    Brilliant!! It must have taken you ages filming all those locations and in so many positions. Very creative well done!! Regards, Kraznet
  2. @Sascha Basti certainly has an amazing design style and accounts for the unique designs of those older MAGIX plug-ins.!! One question I must ask Sascha is to do with using it with my Behringer X Touch using Mackie Control protocol. If I use my controller to tweak the controls I noticed that for example moving the first pot adjusts the threshold and moving the 2nd pot moves a red dot independently to the actual threshold control. This is happening with all the controls. What is the difference between moving the control and moving the red dot? See GIF.
  3. Just a heads up u-he is doing a 25% discount if you sign up to their newsletter before the end of the month. I used it to buy Presswerk yesterday and this is one amazing plug-in and sounds incredible. I have to say it's the most beautiful well thought out GUI I've ever seen and the fact that the GUI is scalable is great as well. I think this will be my go to compressor from now on. You've done an amazing job @Sascha !! Here's the link in case anyone else is interested: https://u-he.com Regards, Kraznet
  4. My Variverb VST version is called Variverb 11.
  5. Very nice Lukas great song and video and great vocalist (and great sound of course) Regards, Kraznet
  6. Just wanted to thank you for all the youtube videos you have made! Thank you!

  7. That tutorial was about how to access VSTi's rather than about recording. I'm not even sure it was ever possible to record using the Vita instrument keyboard. It would make more sense to use the virtual keyboard anyway if there is no access to a midi keyboard? Regards, Kraznet
  8. Short Samp Tutorials

    This is a tutorial to help those who are unfamiliar with using MIDI and virtual instruments. It basically shows you 3 different ways to insert VSTi plug-ins and choose the presets. Plus some troubleshooting tips in case you can't hear what you're playing. Regards, Kraznet
  9. This is a tutorial to help those who are unfamiliar with using MIDI and virtual instruments. It basically shows you 3 different ways to insert VSTi plug-ins and choose the presets. Regards, Kraznet
  10. Quantum Crash new video

    Great work Phil sounds pretty epic!! Regards, Kraznet
  11. Sorry I didn't reply to your question I am somewhat busy at the moment. Although it looks like Sascha has replied anyway. Regards, Kraznet
  12. @Sascha Is/was the developer. I was thinking this a few weeks ago whether it was his new version of Ammunition. Regards, Kraznet
  13. Actually I discovered yesterday you can change the output configuration in the preferences. I set it to 16 stereo and restarted independence and now I have 16 stereo outputs. Regards, Kraznet
  14. Also I did some research on Kontakt and you can only use one midi port inside your DAW so it's the same as Independence in Samplitude. It seems that Kontakt and Independence both only allow extra MIDI ports in stand-alone mode. See this answer to a question from a Cubase user on the native instruments forum. Also the guy made the same suggestion to load extra instances of Kontakt if you need extra ports.
  15. It appears after investigation that only the stand-alone version of Independence supports 32 MIDI ports. Why do you need so many MIDI ports are you using multiple input sources? You should be able to use multiple instances of independents and assign them to different ports. Regards, Kraznet