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  1. Kraznet

    Midi Issue

    Hi Les and welcome to the forum, There was an issue with recording midi in a earlier version of Samplitude Pro X4 if retrospective midi record was enabled but it should have been fixed now. What version are you using have you installed the latest update? If you have the latest update and it's still not working make sure you don't have a small loop section enabled further down the timeline because that can cause problems. Regards, Kraznet
  2. Kraznet

    Reopen altered Take Composer

    Thanks for clarifying your method I will look into this. Regards, Kraznet
  3. Hi BX, Here's a video showing a test I did and how I restored the deleted revolver tracks. Regards, Kraznet Restoring deleted revolver tracks.mp4
  4. I can confirm this does actually happen if you delete a track which happens to have revolver tracks enabled you will lose the revolver tracks. But I also noticed if you undo one of the audio objects will return and if you undo again another one will return as well. So you don't lose the objects you just lose the revolver tracks. I agree it's not ideal but you should also get a prompt asking you whether you want to delete that track as a safety measure if you're about to accidentally delete it. If that message didn't appear press Y and go to the General tab and click on: Reset all "Don't show this message again" boxes. Regards, Kraznet
  5. Kraznet

    Reopen altered Take Composer

    Hi BX, When using the Take Composer you can only use it with the existing audio you recorded onto that track. Importing audio files recorded from elsewhere into the take composer is not supported. This is a limitation of the current design and probably the reason why they weren't remembered when you reopened the project. Regards, Kraznet
  6. Kraznet

    " DST "

    Hi Digital Energy, Welcome to the forum. In my version of Samplitude Pro X4 it says DP3 and in Sequoia 15 it says DC2. I don't really know what these mean it's probably some internal scheme that the Magix developers use. I wouldn't worry about it. Regards, Kraznet
  7. Kraznet

    SamX3 - invisible Velocity

    It sounds to me like you have one of the piano keys in the MIDI editor highlighted red this means that it will filter out anything else. Check my video. Regards, Kraznet MIDI note filter.mp4
  8. Kraznet

    Object MIDI Volume

    I'm afraid you can't you can only affect volume on the track level not the object level. Regards, Kraznet
  9. Kraznet

    Object MIDI Volume

    Right click on the fader and make sure you have "controls Audio Track Volume" selected. Regards, Kraznet
  10. You're trying to put a shorter clip over a longer clip. Try this. Drag the short clip over the longer clip. (I hold down Shift to constrain horizontal movement.) Keeping the mouse button pressed, use the "Ins" key. See GIF. Regards, Kraznet
  11. I did a test and I cannot reproduce the problem when move objects using that keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+Shift up/down. Regards, Kraznet
  12. Hi Eddie, I will have to look at the project from the tutorial I made to see what's going on. I will try and do it the next few days as I'm busy working on productions at the moment. Regards, Kraznet
  13. Kraznet

    Install samplitude on multiple computers

    That answer was 8 years ago and I've amended it. Since then it has changed and now you can install Samplitude Pro X4 on 2 computers only. In fact if you sign into your MAGIX account which for Samplitude Pro X4 here. https://www.magix.com/gb/support/my-service-center/ you will see there are 2 slots for activation/deactivation. With regard to off-line authorisation I answer the question here:
  14. Kraznet

    Cannot load image files

    I can't see the pings you uploaded. Are you trying to run Independence as a stand-alone or in 3rd party DAW? Regards, Kraznet
  15. Hi Timathy, I've attached the Pro X4 Download Manger use this to install it. Regards, Kraznet SamProX4_Suite_DLM.exe