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  1. Enrique Silveti

    Where is pro audio support portal?

    Thank you. Finlay I found it after 20 minutes of search... Saludos, Enrique
  2. Where is, now, pro audio support portal? Enrique
  3. Enrique Silveti

    Short Samp Tutorials

    Thank you for the video! I'n really using theses new features! Current SPX3 157 docking options should be extended also to mixer to make Magix customers smile! Enrique
  4. Enrique Silveti

    Forum Software update

    Logged, thank you!
  5. Enrique Silveti

    CPU Use by different DAWs

    Measure real CPU consumption, don't believe too much sequencers, a simple example is Nebula. Saludos, Enrique
  6. Enrique Silveti

    FabFilter Pro-Q2 - Announced - any fans?

    RC3 here. Samplitude Pro X compatibility confirmed at 100%. Spectrum grab use SC to match input, very easy and smooth, also checked in SPX. Also you can freeze the spectrum and ride over the spectrum and notch frequency, very useful for remove resonances or also for live sound.
  7. Enrique Silveti

    New (and happy) customer here!

    Shhhh! Will be free!
  8. Enrique Silveti

    New (and happy) customer here!

    Hello everyone here, I'm a happy Samplitude 11 new customer from Spain. Saludos, Enrique Silveti www.acusticaudio.net PS: Have you asked Santa Claus for your Christmas gift?