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    Eucon Pro Support

    >Is the future plans to include EUCON in Samp, as the Sequoia features might be an overkill. The original plan was to support the Artist series with Samplitude. But due to the missing Windows Eucon server this isn't very useful currently. Hence we've put the Eucon to Sequoia only for 11.0, to allow adressing of the Pro series there. The future feature inclusion sure will depend on the availability of ways to adress the Artist series with Windows based systems. Regards, Volker
  2. Volker

    Großes Rewire Problem Mit Reason

    >Es sei nicht vorgesehen, dass man die Loopmarker und den Loopbutton in Reason setzen/nutzen kann. Das ist sicher ein Mißverständnis und sollte eher heißen, daß dies bislang nicht unterstützt wurde. Das Setzen der Loopmarker aus dem Client wird mit der nächsten v10 Bugfix-Release unterstützt. >Noch fieser ist, dass mit der 10er die Marker in Reason nervend flackern - das zum Test installierte 10.2 SE >aus der Keys hat das Problem nicht. Soweit ich beobachten konnte, trat dies nur auf, wenn Tempomarker innerhalb der Loop lagen, dann auch in der 10.2 SE. Auch dieses Problem sollte jetzt behoben sein. Gruß, Volker
  3. Volker

    Multi-core Unterstützung In Ms2008?

    >Nur ist die Unterstützung von Multi-Cores aber SCHON ein nicht zu unterschätzendes Feature. Ich meine, aktuell gibt es ja fast keine Single-Cores mehr im >Handel / Vertrieb. Mindestens Dual-Core ist doch (selbst bei Home Office Klitschen) fast schon state-of- the-art ... spätestens aber doch wohl nächstes Jahr. Samplitude unterstützt ja schon seit Version 5.5 mehrere Threads und deshalb auch DualCore-Rechner. Das MusicStudio ebenfalls seit mehreren Jahren. Nur die Unterstützung mehrerer Cores für's Audioprocessing ist neu (seit Samplitude 9) und kein MusicStudio-Feature. Dabei ist sogar diese durch die Hybrid-Engine schon im MusicStudio 2008 teilweise vorhanden. Deshalb könnte es sogar jetzt schon auf der Verpackung stehen Tut es aber nicht und ist momentan auch für die nächste Version nicht geplant. Immerhin gibt es ja auch diverse Kompatibilitätsprobleme mit dem Multicore Handling, die wollen wir im MusicStudio nicht unbedingt haben. >ABER: >Dann hätt' ich auch gerne, dass die Instrumente aus MS2008 (insbesondere VITA und Revolta2) in der großen SAM Versionen genutzt werden können. Wieso >das nicht so ist, kann ich nicht nachvollziehen (andere übrigens auch nicht, wie ich auf KVR gelesen habe). Bei Vita geht das aus lizenzrechtlichen Gründen nicht, beim Revolta hat Sascha noch etwas ehrgeizigere Pläne als den aktuellen Stand >*wie versprochen - täglich* Das wird trotzdem kein neues MusicStudio Forum, eigentlich soll sich ja der Eike um solche Fragen kümmern Gruß, Volker
  4. >Die Maus-Verhalten der Drehknöpfe in VITA ist nicht so wie ich das im HOST eingestellt habe: Verhalten wie ein Fader! > >In Revolta2 funktioniert das. Dort kann man glaube ich auch irgendwo im VSTi anwählen. Gibt eine solche Einstellungsmöglichkeit auch in VITA? Scheinbar unterstützt nicht einmal die Vollversion von Independence dieses Verhalten, wir werden bei YellowTools nachfragen, ob sie es evtl. in einer zukünfitgen Version implementieren können. Gruß, Volker
  5. Volker

    Waves Organization

    Currently this can't be done. But in the upcoming version 10.1 also all Waveshell plugins will be cached in the vstplugins.ini, so you can edit their folder locations there (although these won't survive a rescan of the WaveShell). Regards, Volker
  6. Volker

    Q With Rewire And Samplitude

    >Yeah, that is what I meant. It looks like I was missing the step where I need to configure the rewire slave to show more outputs. I was trying to find that option >in Samp (and of course it wasn't there). Rewire multioutput implementation in Samplitude is very similar to VSTi multiple outputs. You just need to configure the outputs either by right click on the record button of a track or in the VSTi manager. You don't need to setup any "used" channels before - just use them in your project. The only difference to multioutput VSTi is the default setting: VSTi are set up to use all output channels as default while Rewire as default uses only the master output. This is because for VSTi the outputs usually are completely independent, while in Rewire it seems very common to change the sound depending on the used outputs (e.g. in Rebirth and Reason the master output changes, as soon you're starting to use the individual outputs). So just connecting all outputs (e.g. to a single stereo track) usually doesn't give the intended result with Rewire. Regards, Volker
  7. Volker

    Rerouting Vsti Inside Samplitude

    >Okay, I haven't gotten much response back on the 8 vsti limit in Samplitude question Since that's a pure marketing decision, there are not much answers to expect here. I'd say that samplers like the included Independence LE are best used as 1 multi-instrument anyway, so one instance already can be used for a dozen of sample instruments, which should make the limit acceptable IMHO. >I'm now wondering if more vsti can be added to Samplitude (non-pro, SE or music studio) by using them inside EnergyXT. >In other words, can I insert EnergyXT and inside it insert 3 instances of Rapture (for example). Would this count as 1 plugin >or 3/4 plugins? As 1 only, of course. If Samplitude doesn't see them, it can't count them. Regards, Volker
  8. Volker

    Brochure Vs Site

    >on the brochure it says that Samp 10 WILL have Elastic Audio Easy >and also MMC, but on the site it says you have none I can tell you exactly for the released versions 10.0: Samplitude 10 (standard version) has Elastic Audio Easy, but no MMC included. AFAIK this also is the intended feature state by product management. So I'd say, the other information is wrong. Can you tell which brochure you are refering to? And which links on the Samplitude site? Regards, Volker
  9. Volker

    Samplitude 10 Demo

    They usually come short time after the first patch. So we can avoid unnecessary hassle caused by quirks which were not detected during beta testing. So I guess we'll see the Samplitude 10 demo version start of december. Regards, Volker
  10. Volker

    How To Solo A Track And Its Aux Send?

    This depends on the solo bus setup: Phil's hint is correct for the default setting without any used solo bus. Everything should work there as intended by you. But if you have activated a solo / monitoring bus this can't work, since the program can't distinguish the AUX return signals from different feeding tracks. Hence "Solo safe" is disabled there and when you activate the "Solo" for the AUX bus, you'll always hear the return from all feeding tracks. Regards, Volker
  11. >Hey, that's neat! I swear, there's a nifty trick every day. Or just one day of intensive studying the readme file of version 9, since not everything made it into the manual. >It would be really cool if you could do the same with Aux, EQ, Dyn + friends. >But especially Aux sends, since it's pretty convenient to be able to replicate >send settings. You already can drag the EQ button to another track. AUX intentionally still are left out due to the potential routing problems. Either we ignore these in the future (as with the objects now) or allow any AUX routing. Regards, Volker
  12. >To copy all of one track effect settings : >- Select the track to be copied >- Track/Track effects/Copy track effects setting >- Select the destination track >- Track/Track effects/Paste track effects setting In version 9 you can also do this by drag'n drop between the mixer "FX" buttons of tracks within the same project . Regards, Volker
  13. Volker

    Inactivet State For Vst Effects?

    >Would anyone mind going into further detail... what's the use of this? I use 2 Uad-1 cards. Usually a plugin inserted in the project just can be off or on. It will always need memory (sometimes a lot, e.g when using a sampler), and for some DSP cards it might even need card resources when switched off (this should not be, since we're telling the plugin that it's switched off, but obviously there were reported problems ). In Samplitude these problems might even have been more visible than in other hosts, since we may keep the plugins for undo purposes, even after deleting them. So there's a 3rd state now: switched off and inactive, which basically means the plugin is completely removed from the project, just its settings are kept. This usually needs much less memory and definitely needs no other host or DSP card resources. This state can be trigggered manually by shift-alt-click. It is automatically used for the above mentioned undo purposes and for freezing VSTi. This should mean: -a completely freezed VSTi (e.g, Sampler) won't need any memory or CPU resources anymore -after deleting a VST plugin it won't be visible in any UAD or Powercore resource displays anymore - but you can still undo the delete operation! -if you're working with UAD / Powercore plugins in inactive tracks or objects, you can decide anytime to switch them off completely this way, but still keep their settings, in case you need them later again Regards, Volker
  14. Volker

    Losing Plugs?

    >Maybe you did an Undo, and sometimes the plugs are removed then also This is because plugins are part of the undo process - in difference to (all?) other hosts. Regards, Volker
  15. Volker

    Wrong Samplitude Version ?

    Das sieht nach einem Konflikt der beiden Vintage Effect Suites aus, die Plugins aus dem MusicStudio und aus Samplitude sind nicht kompatibel und können nicht in der jeweils anderen Version geladen werden. >Und dann bricht er beim einlesen der Liste ab. Da sollte eingeltich nicht so sein, vielleicht mußt Du nur ein paar mal Enter drücken, damit die Meldungen wegggehen, falls sie unter einem anderen Fenster verborgen sind? Außerdem ist der Plugin-Scan-Prozeß sogar auf einen Absturz durch ein Plugin vorbereitet: beim nächsten Scannen wird dann das Plugin ignoriert, d.h. wenn man den Scan-Process einige Male startet, sollte Samplitude zumindest alle Plugins gescannt haben. Gruß, Volker
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    >Does this apply only to VSTinstruments or also to VSTplug-ins: Amplitube (guitar amp simulation) or >Ohmboyz Delay (sometimes the player/sunger is recording with some special fx in the track insert that >doesn´t behaves the same way when I apply freeze or at the time of mixing). That's only for VSTi currently, since only there you can setup a 2nd track for the VSTi output to receive the audio. For VST FX I currently can't see a way to have input and output on different channels. Regards, Volker
  17. Volker

    Bfd Problem At 88

    >I opened up a project at 88. I opened my BFD drums, and they are all higher pitched. Switched it to 44 >and they sound fine. Does Samplitude tell you when the project has changed from 44 to 88 or visa versa? >Does anyone else have this problem with BFD? We've just found a problem, that Samplitude doesn't send a changed sample rate to VSTi and Rewire in Hybrid mode, only to VST FX. This will be fixed with 9.1. Current workaround: Set the monitoring slider all the way to the left, start and stop playback, and then set it right again. Regards, Volker
  18. The skin switching is included in the demo, but to save space there's only the default skin supplied. Regards, Volker
  19. Volker

    Delay Compensation

    In the project options-> mixer setup dialog you can switch latency compensation off for a project. Regards, Volker
  20. Volker


    >Just curious but in what situation would one use such a recording. >I thought recording midi and freeze does just the same. Basically yes, but not when changing the instrument parameters while recording. If you do this by MIDI, you sure could record this, but already the simple task of playing a little bit with one sound and then change the sound to another one in the VSTi isn't easy to reproduce, when you just record the MIDI. When you record the audio you can work with a VSTi just like with any other synthesizer: play it live or with MIDI fed by the program, tweak it while doing this, and record the result. So both workflows are very useful. >just twiddling my thumbs till 9.1 comes out....is there a release month? Sure Beta testing is already running. Regards, Volker
  21. Volker


    >so in 9.1 i can record the midi I play..to my vsti plugin..and record the audio wave output from the vsti as >well? I would have to do input/ouput routing inother apps, wich obviously causes more latency when >tracking live. If I have this correct, thank you very much for this update. Yes. You only have to setup the VSTi with separate tracks for MIDI and audio (which also should be much easier in 9.1 than currently) and press record for the MIDI and /or the audio tracks. If you do the setup with multi channel outputs, you can even record the output as multi track recording. Regards, Volker
  22. Volker


    >So, from bits and pieces of posts elsewhere I have a list of updates coming in 9.1: Sorry, some bits and pieces you've got wrong: >enhanced score with 'standard' scanner import (?) No, the new feature is a score export feature, to allow editing the score in a dedicated score printing program. >groove quantize (?) No, sorry. The 9.1 feature set is almost closed, so we hope we can anounce the complete list soon. Regards, Volker
  23. Volker

    Dongle Upgrade Problems

    >When trying to upgrade the dongle, I run into the following problem... I'm entering upgrade code (or what >I think is my upgrade code), I then point to my context file. I click apply and I get asked for the file again, >I try to re-point to the file, but no luck, it's now not an option. Obviously, I'm doing something wrong; I'd >appreciate any help. If you've just bought a version 9 you shouldn't need any dongle update via control file. That's really just for updates from version 8 to 9. On starting the application you should see the screen with "90 days remaining..." and there you get a link to get the activation code. You can also call the registration from the programm help menu. You only have to do this once, the activation is stored on the dongle. >I see my codemeter upgrade 8 to 9, even after I have updated the codemeter. So it looks a little strange >but it works. The start screen is intended to give you some general hints in case of problems and a missing dongle update is a possible reason for problems. It's like a general help assistant, which is part of the Codemeter copy protection. Regards, Volker
  24. Volker

    I Am So Frustrated

    >What is more frustrating is I was able to do this in the Samplitude demo. It seems like the work flow is >different on the real version. The demo already was 9.01, the shipped version still is 9.0. Just be sure to get the update ASAP. We'll deal with this next week. Regards, Volker
  25. Volker


    >Out of curiosity, will there be a manual update pdf? First we hope to get the help file updated with the new features. I'm not sure if we manage an update to the PDF. Regards, Volker