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  1. hello, is this issue now finished? or is there something to do still? I am not sure if everything works now as it should.
  2. Hello developer of scripts and user of scripts for accessibility. I know that there a several scripting solutions out there to get better accessibility. I know also that there are several solutions for several screen readers, some scripts are for JAWS, some for NVDA and Copra, also for brail devices. The idea is that all scripters work together on one solution, or maybe on different solutions for different readers, but please dont work all on different solutions for the same reader, that is waste of energy and time, isn't it? So I know steve did a lot in scripting and has a good solution for samplitude. also Manfred did al lot, also patrick and friends... I am sure i forgot somebody but i ask you all, is there a way that we can merge solutions together to bigger and better solutions... maybe as an open source project on github or so... or maybe seperated git repositories for different solutions, but in a way that everybody know about it, and not start his own way for things that already exists. I would like to know from everybody, is that a way that we can go? what you think about? Or are there other ideas? greetings Tom
  3. Once again this Sunday, a large portion of the world will look to the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, Hollywood for the 89th Oscar Awards! We have a special occasion to focus on the topic of music in film. We are proud to share that the soundtrack from Mica Levi for the film Jackie has been nominated for an Oscar in the categorie “Music (Original Score)” and was mastered using MAGIX Sequoia. Congratulations to Heba Kadry for her mastering work on this project. We’d like to take the opportunity to thank Ms. Kadry for her hard work and cooperation on recent projects with MAGIX and we will be eagerly watching on Sunday! http://magazine.magix.com/en/oscars-soundtracks/
  4. Until the end of the week, we will update the software of this forum. But it is not 100% if there are problems with the update then it can take longer. We hope then there are some improvments about tagging and the search.
  5. we just changed the + to ~ :-) and soon there will be a | for folder track
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    you have an email with new password
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    Forum Software update

    your display name is Carl ... and your email is ccher2@verizon.net you are already a valid member don't forget, you have to login with your display name now and not with the email...
  8. good morning, i thought your friend can help you, then he can do it easy with paint. for a blind user, i think it is not so easy. :-(
  9. Is it possible, that your friend who helps you can make a screenshot for us and he draw a circle around the controls, that are not spoken? that would help us very much.
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    Forum Software update

    Hey Carl, if you give me your email, then i can check whats wrong.
  11. Unfaortunatly the new website uses a captcha that is not usable as audio captcha, and then there is no access to the trail version for visually impared. thats why i attach the download manager, that comes with the link at the website here, and you can download it from this thread. i hope it helps for the first hotfix. of course we paln to support soon also audio captcha at the website, but this needs a while. i hope you like the new trail and have fun with it. trial_samplitudeprox3suite_int_dlm.zip
  12. Ok thats nice to read, i really have no idea what is going wrong at you, i tried to login as normal mamber, not as admin and it always works. Has anybody else some of this problems? Or is all fine now?
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    I aproved u now.
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    Touch-screen ready workflow

    Sorry, this is a forum thread for accessibility... touch screen is not a accessibility feature. thats why i move it to general discussion
  15. Hello Chrissie, it was not a problem on your side, the permissions of this thread where wrong. Now it should work.
  16. Hello steve, we made some changes in the accesibility.inz container. when you load that no it should not use asio. can you please test it and give me feedback if it solves the problem? Accessibility.INZ
  17. i think that at the welcome dialog where you can change to the accessibility inz the asio driver is not loaded yet. so can you tell me, is the screenreader blocked when you have the welcome screen? or is it blocked after the welcome dialog?
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    Your Display Name is Enrique Silveti
  19. yes its new in prox3 that the default driver is the asio driver. so what we can do is to save in the accessibility inz container that it takes wdm or mme as default.