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  1. Hi Lucas, Very nice! I love the tonal and dynamic ranges! Linz
  2. Lindsey

    News on Samplitude Pro-X3

    Glutton for punishment:)
  3. Hi Gordon, could you list your system details including samp version and windows version? Thanks, Linz
  4. Lindsey

    Never ask for mono-recordings!!

    hey hey we're the Monos
  5. Lindsey

    Never ask for mono-recordings!!

    Thank you for posting! too funny:)
  6. Lindsey

    Rant about rants

    Thanks guys!!! thats more like it:)
  7. Lindsey

    Rant about rants

    A request for those of us who repeatedly hijack threads: Pretty please with sugar on top put your rants here in the OT forum instead of in the middle of a thread. When I am following a topic, it is an annoyance to see the thread suddenly turn to "Mac Mac Mac" or "if xyz then i will switch to reefer or logic" or whatever... This is especially true when I am actually trying to address a challenge/problem and have to sift through the drivel to find the gold. When I am idly reading I will read the OT threads, however when I'm working I really do not have the time. Thank you so much in advance Lindsey
  8. Lindsey

    Behringer X32 : nice deal.

    Does anyone have any feedback on the X32 Preamp and A/D D/A converters? I am currently running an RME FF800, and am wondering how the X32 Preamp and A/D D/A converters compare with the FF800 Preamp and A/D D/A converters... better, worse, more/less color or colour, dynamic range... Thanks, Linz
  9. welcome bitsysnc!!! were you dragged here by your ears like the rest of us? Linz
  10. Thank you Andre, I love samplitude pro-X!!! Lindsey
  11. Hello Magix team, Will these updates be applied to an upcoming Samplitude Pro-X Suite update? If so, when will the update that includes them be released? Thank you, Lindsey
  12. Lindsey

    Samplitude and mac os x

    Has anyone tried thunderblot to firewire for rme ff800 & samprox?
  13. Lindsey

    Using Vandal with a Pre Amp

    I'm confused. On the last post you said you should "Not" plug the guitar into the line input in the fireface 800 (the input in the front of the unit next to xlr input and the volume knob). That you should plug it into the back of the unit (that's what it says in the Vandal manual). So.....are you now saying that IF i use the Art Tube mike pre amp I should then plug that into the FRONT of fireface into the line input instead of the back. but when you are not using a pre-amp THEN you plug the guitar into the back...???? All of the inputs (1/4" and xlr) on the front of the FF go through preamps, the 1/4" jack is a guitar input, and it works great with vandal, so you can just plug into the front of the FF. The inputs on the back are line level and can be used with your preamp if you would rather use that. Read the FF manual...
  14. Lindsey

    getting the best from vandal

    Hi, this is probably a "duh! input output" thing... the instrument in on the ff is quite versatile in that it is capable of very clean to quite nicely colored. how you set it definitely determines what vandal has to work with. Linz