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  1. Checkout my new single song - OZD - Wake up ft. VEEKA

    Thank you very much guys. Hope to listen your music too
  2. Checkout my new single song - OZD - Wake up ft. VEEKA

    Wow man, thank you for that kind words Hope your words will come true heheh Here is something for friends from US, who have regional limitation for legal digital content from EU etc. It should work all the world. https://de.proxfree.com/permalink.php?url=s54aaHA%2FaGsaD5vHs0QZLcUclS%2FcUxrnNZwEMCiA0I9H7oOXrpZ9GNVcgUmmFiGTGAA27bdhxI02DYAwmOaYhGNKAQMFyv9UfZ7qnqadU9C31kXU83Vx1k8eWbhRMz6V7Zfe2%2FjdzMJN8nIHVWGaMZGiTnonsEng03BEiXrrWvA%3D&bit=1
  3. Checkout my new single song - OZD - Wake up ft. VEEKA

    Yes, it's probably one of very rare videoclip with Samplitude on it. So, let make the Samplitude more and more close to people
  4. Checkout my new single song - OZD - Wake up ft. VEEKA

    Thanks Guys I'm working hard on new songs, new album. I'm glad that you like it.
  5. Like always - all done in Samplitude
  6. Album CD. OZD - Journey. Fully produced in Samplitude. From idea to MASTER CD.
  7. Hi Terry, Indeed, it's blocked for North America. I've just started to fix this problem with my publisher. So, in couple of weeks it's should be available in USA, Kanada and so on. Temporary solution is using proxy server for listening or download music. Thanks for share your time. And hope you'll be enjoying my music. All the best! Lukas
  8. Hi all Finally, my full album has been released. I'm so glad and so happy that i can share it with you all. Let me know how you find this sounds Here are links to all music services: https://umusicpl.lnk.to/3Rrmi All the best to you all Lukas
  9. Hi Benny :-) Thanks for that so kind words. 09.09.2016 is the date of premiere of full album. It's called OZD "Journey". Visit my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/OZD.Official/ where are all news :-) http://m.empik.com/journey-ozd,p1127668597,muzyka-p All the best
  10. Thanks good to hear that!
  11. OZD EP - has been released :-)

    Perhaps Tidal works: http://listen.tidal.com/album/56530047
  12. OZD EP - has been released :-)

    Hmm, you need to log in then shoul be possible to play from website. I will check it. Spotify is free generally.
  13. https://open.spotify.com/album/03xkkbj4jFV8BgGKDTO2TH http://listen.tidal.com/album/56530047 Thanks for opinion :-) Lukas
  14. News on Samplitude Pro-X3

    - grouping automation points! - clone track - track bounce - bus/ aux , mono stereo track exporting I always hurt because of lack of that features. Sometimes it drives me crazy. - color preset for elastic audio