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    Can't get Kore 2 player recognized

    That was it. The .exe files were in the vst folder, not the dll's. All is well now. Good stuff, thanks a lot!
  2. Trying to break into the whole vsti thing (all through my roland Gr-33 and midi-guitar) and I probably am missing something veeeery basic. Downloaded the kore 2 player, (Kore 2 application to OS drive, library to audio drive) and it works fine as a standalone, but when I scan the vst folders in samp, it still doesn't show up? -Steven
  3. theliving

    Why only 16 bits?

    Total newcomer, migrating from adobe (couldn't stand the crashes anymore). Even though I'm setting the bit rate at 24, the files (both in manager, and in the bit-ometer thingy) show the files as 16 bit. ?. When I load a file i just recorded from adobe, it shows as 24 bit (and sometimes 32). Also, when I change the driver from ASIO to MME, I get a notice that I have to change to 16 bit (the notice says "probably b/c your soundcard doesn't support 24 bit). My soundcard is a lynx two. thanks - Steven.