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  1. Philw

    Stop at end of project

    there's an option under Y (system) to lock the VIP against Zoom Out, could be useful too. And if you have too much blank space after the last object, you could place the cursor at the end of you project, let a small space after you last object (important for FX tails), then CTRL+End and CTRL+Del. Your VIP will be more near to the real lenght of you project, then in play mode, cursor will stop at the end, if loop is not ticked. In record mode, new space is automatically created if the VIP is not long enough. cheers ! Phil
  2. Philw

    Stop at end of project

    hi, are you sure to not have Loop engaged in the transport bar ? Phil
  3. AmTrack is not working fine since X3 (I think), I don't use it at all now, I found VIPs corrupted because using AmTrack. Unload it and VIP worked fine... Sad, it was a good plugin Phil
  4. Philw

    Removing Aux from Aux list

    you're welcome James, have a nice weekend ! Phil
  5. Philw

    Removing Aux from Aux list

    hi, if I understand correctly, you have not add an Aux in your Aux "list", your skin shows 4 Aux (for example, or 6 or 8, depending of the skin) so you can't "remove" it. If you just don't want to see the name Aux 4, right click and choose Reset (your last picture), you will need to set your Aux 1 value so before reset, note it cheers ! PHil
  6. hi Sascha ! well done, sounds nice and good songs ! cheers ! Phil
  7. are you sure to have NOT Link One Track activated ? with this option, if you move an object, all the object AFTER this one are moved. If you have other objects on the track below, objects could be under existing ones...and disappear from the first track ! Phil
  8. I don't remember, there's a shortcut to play solo an object... CTRL + SPACE ? try it !
  9. Philw

    Where is iZotope?

    yep, only for SF...
  10. hi, I'm afraid you have already discovered all what could be discovered... No Markers Track to add, no coloring, etc... sorry... welcome to Samp anyway ! Phil
  11. hi, it comes from to times, it's a memory problem for sure. When I see this problem, I do a Play in a blank part for a second or two and Stop. Next play will be clean... cheers Phil
  12. hi, if you select the object, open OE, TS/PS tab, and set the value of timestretching, the object will change in lengh without change the pitch. cheers ! Phil
  13. Philw

    John Dowland CD

    thank you for them ! Forgot to say thank you to Bolibolubab
  14. Philw

    John Dowland CD

    Thank you !
  15. Philw

    John Dowland CD

    Merci beaucoup, très apprécié venant de toi amitiés Phil