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  1. hi, it comes from to times, it's a memory problem for sure. When I see this problem, I do a Play in a blank part for a second or two and Stop. Next play will be clean... cheers Phil
  2. hi, if you select the object, open OE, TS/PS tab, and set the value of timestretching, the object will change in lengh without change the pitch. cheers ! Phil
  3. Philw

    John Dowland CD

    thank you for them ! Forgot to say thank you to Bolibolubab
  4. Philw

    John Dowland CD

    Thank you !
  5. Philw

    John Dowland CD

    Merci beaucoup, très apprécié venant de toi amitiés Phil
  6. Philw

    My new "single".

    awesome video !!! Great rock song though !
  7. Philw

    John Dowland CD

    hi friends, stereo direct recording, in the studio, of a beautiful album of John Dowland songs, with a great duet, Cecile Cardinot (voice) and Olivier Bensa (luth). https://www.duo-bensa-cardinot.com/voiceluteforte This album got a very good review in Guitare Classique Mag in France. Enjoy ! Phil
  8. Philw

    Music Video

    working alone ? wow...
  9. Philw

    Music Video

    funny ! well done, congrats ! cheers Phil
  10. Philw

    Quantum Crash new video

    thank you so much ! glad you like it (I was pretty sure you will... ) cheers ! Phil
  11. hi folks, after lot of problem of lost files, I finally finish to make this video for this few years old song, Rise, already on line on Soundcloud. Now, there're images ! Full production in Sampliquoia (Sequoia v11 at this time). Video edited in Vegas 14. Enjoy ! Phil
  12. +1 but I would prefer mix manual tempo adj. with TS/PS. If there's very little gap, I would not use TS/PS.
  13. Philw

    Moderator / Magix Representative

    glad you're back, we had had a PM discussion with David (David-p) where we were worried about your absence here... Cheers ! Phil
  14. Philw

    Split object at each bar (or beat)

    hi, I don't know such automatic function, but I think you could do that with a shortcut sequence like : create a range of one bar, split, move the range by one bar, split, move the range, etc... Or set the snap-to-grid to one bar to move the cursor by one bar with the right arrow, and split with T. Perhaps there's something to do with AutoHotkey... ? Phil