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    Independence VSTi hosting

    Thanks Thomas - I was not sure if there a VST bridge or not - I'll look into specifically running 64 bit VSTs next time I run Inde.
  2. For a number of years I had been able to copy a few VSTI DLL to use with in Independence. I had an issue and needed to re-register Independence on a new daw. I though my issue might be that the VST PLug-ins folder used by Inde may have not appropriately point to the right place - but it seems it is pointing to the correct directory. Can anyone confirm that hosting with in Independence is working correctly? Also my older system was a Win XP system and my new one is Win7 64. Any thought to the idea that I may be having a problem because I'm in a 64 bit environment? Not sure if my VAST'is are 64 bit.
  3. My understanding is that Chicken systems translator was supposed to work with Independence - which should open up a lot of sample content. Is there no way Magix could create a program to convert files to Independence format? It would be a real selling point in my opinion to have a more or less open and resourceful sampler. I reach for Independence far more often than Kontakt whenever possible. It sounds great - mixes far better and tweaks far more easily than Kontakt.
  4. From what I gathered- It seems that Independence will not load multy timberal / multy output VSTI. It seems to work very well with any VSTI with stereo outs. To me this sets Independence well above the rest of the crowd.
  5. I use independence independantly from Samplitude, but in the Independence interface - each layer has a midi control panel on the left side, the switch for volume and panning is off by default in my program. Try to select the volume and panning widget and it should respond normally.
  6. Hello all, I can make and insert new midi files in independence layers - but I'm curious if there is anywhere I can access the midi files associated with some of the preset patches. A great new feature would be visual key note and octave reference via toggle switch on the Independence keyboard GUI. Also have a midi note learn feature during the sample import dialogue would be very handy. Is there an easy way to locate and audition the raw samples for the synth voices? I'd very much like to stack some of the synth samples but keep the modules intact for one of the presets. If I want for example change the default pitch bend or LFO settings - where do I save the changed defaults to. - I can't seem to keep track of their locations. A side note : It would be great if Magix would continue support and preset building for Independence. So much potential for new voicing with the existing sample content - Let alone of course building on the existing library. I have the full 70 gig library and I love it - but there's always room for new voice presets and seeing how other push the envelope.
  7. Thanks, I appreciate the reply..... I've been hoping for easier, I guess what I would term as greater " global " per track types of edits...such as changing all note events to a specific channel.....maybe some sort of script type of edits for randomizing static velocities with-in a range or randomizing timing with in a window. Simple thing like the event list scrolling or event highlighting during play. I'm coming from Cakewalk and the cal scripting that is very old and un supported provides a lot variation and manipulation if used correctly. I think the per note editing in the midi editor works just fine in Samp 9. I have no issues what so ever when I'm recording with-in Samp. I'm looking to further refine a lot of quite a bit older archived midi files - some 20 years old.
  8. Every time I save a bookmark for this forum and use it, I first get directed to MAGIX musicmaker sight and there are no links to this forum. It's only after I close out of it completely then re-use the bookmark again that I get directed to this forum. I don't mind passing through the commercial forum as long as there's a direct link to here. Anyone else dealing with this?
  9. I have a license for Sam pro 9. I do have some issues with more advanced midi editing in Sam 9 and I'm interested if progress has been made in midi editing and stability. I'm looking to upgrade to pro 11, but I haven't found much discussion in the way of progress made in the versions release. Anybody have any details about more advanced editing and stability?