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  1. Had them send me a list of what's included (don't know why they don't list them on the site) Leaning towards EW Silver but don't like the idea of iLok...
  2. Wondering if anyone is has purchased this library for Independence? I've been looking at different options under the $200 mark, and right now EW Silver is on sale for under $100, also Peter Siedlaczeks complete orchestra collection is also one sale. I can't seams to find too much information on Symphonic Orchestra, no list of instruments or articulations..., anyone who can shed some light, would be nice to actually get some use out of Independence, though there Seams to be no further developments on it. Thanks
  3. I sent a request to support asking, and they said we're not developers and that was it no like or address to the developers, (no wonder there are not more custom sample players as Kontakt has) so has anyone else looked into this, looking to make something like "Best Services" has where it can work as a standalone or pluginto Independence to use more advanced features. it would be nice to have some sort of configurable template to make it easier for people/companies to make sample libraires for Independence. Thanks!