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    Community Manager Mathias introduces himself

    What is Magix doing about the spam that is coming from the new comers board on a daily basis? I have emailed Andy KP just now with details and set up a post here .
  2. dreece1

    Independence Pro 3.1 full 70 gb

    thanks guys sorry it took so many years to work it out!
  3. dreece1

    Independence Pro 3.1 full 70 gb

    OK 3 years on and I have eventually found the answer to this problem. I have been using polyphone to create sfz/sf2 files. Now there is a point to this. That piece of software can automatically detect a good place to place a loop in it and play forever how long you wish that note to be and then follow on to close the note. So you see a sound map with lines etc... So I am thinking that surely independence has the same features? Yes it does albeit a very manual one. OK I have attached below how I resolved this issue. Indepdence Loop instrument Sound.pdf
  4. I bought Independence sometime ago and haven't really used it that much. I have loaded my midi files into Cubase 8 Pro. I have selected my instruments. What I need to do is two things which may be translation issue in the manual. 1) How do I create muted strings con sordino? I seem to be able to do it with some of the other VSTIs (but they are not as good as independence - Garritan GPO 4 for instance is out of tune in the higher note ranges) 2) Secondly how do I create 2 solo instruments eg 2 cellos? For some reason I was drawn to this part of the GUI. As you can see I have what looks like 2 instruments. I also right clicked on the icon picture and set as cello instead of section. Am I barking up the wrong tree? Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Regards David
  5. dreece1

    Update Patch Independence StandAlone

    Evening Andy, I have Independence linked into Cubase 8 Pro. Does this apply to that set up? Regards David
  6. OK Got this for my birthday as having a lot of problems with Cubase 7.5 and their own VSTi's. Basically since version 7.0 to the new incarnation their software hasn't worked properly especially with VST S3 format. Anyway I remember activating Orchestra II some years back. I reloaded the free version and added my orchestra II and then loaded the VSTi into the VST folder in Cubase 7.5. Suddenly my projects which have not worked for the past year and a bit now work with no drop outs etc.... This prompted me to get The pro version with 70 gb library. I had a minor hiccup with activating it and all is now ok. The only problem I see is with some instrument eg YT Candy - Alto Saxophone > vibrato legato only has a sound bit of 6 seconds long. In my project the sax's last note is 11 seconds. I have tried elastique and read the manual end to end and can find no feasible way of changing this? Who in their right mind writes a program with samples of 6 seconds if you cant modify them. I thought this was meant to be the point of Independence you could manipulate the sound etc..... Any answers, suggestions etc...... gladly welcomed.