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  1. browj2

    Dongle question

    As many times as you want per day if you go into your account and deactivate.
  2. browj2

    Installing Music Maker

    Hi David, Did you mean Surface "Pro" and not "Go"? I have no problems with MM on my Surface Pro 4, i5, 8GB RAM.
  3. browj2

    Installing Music Maker

    A bit stale, but with MMM2019, you can now change the install location. Just remember to activate after installation (previous activation codes should show up automatically) and then under the Media pool gear, select download and install and do so from the Download Manager.
  4. browj2

    Community Manager Mathias introduces himself

    @zdogg See my reply to your other thread on this.
  5. Hi Kraznet, It's hard to know where to stop when doing a tutorial. As far as I know, it has never been possible to record by pressing on the keys of the keyboard at the bottom of an instrument, but many users try. My only point is that when users see the keyboard with the instrument, they try to record a few notes by pressing on the keys. Then they complain on the forum (Magix.info) that they can't record MIDI, the program is crap, without indicating how they were trying to do it. After several go-rounds of 20 questions, we discover that they were trying to use the instrument keyboard. So, just a quick mention that one cannot record using this keyboard would help reduce this problem. Maybe you can just mention this in the description on YT. I am sure that I saw one of your tutorials about articulation keys recently, or was it as an answer to someone? If you didn't formalize it, it would be a good one and a good place to note that you can't record using the instrument keyboard. I don't think that many users are aware of these keys, as seen in the attached photo, let alone how to use them. Thanks for all of your great tutorials, John
  6. Another good one! Unless I missed it, you didn't mention that one cannot record using the keyboard at the bottom of the instrument interface. This has happened to many new users, particularly with MusicMaker (many posts on the other forum).
  7. browj2

    Instrument switch

    Hi, You have to record the switch key. Each time the piano roll finds a switch key, it makes the change to the following notes until it hits another switch key, etc.
  8. browj2

    Community Manager Mathias introduces himself

    I think that he is still there but very busy. He posted on the Magix.info forum yesterday.
  9. There are more synths available, like Vita Analog Synths and DN-e1. I have these but I don't know if they came with Samplitude Pro X2 or X3 Suite, or with one of the many versions of Music Maker. Both have Leads and Pads, but they may not be what you are looking for. Attached is a listing in a Word document that I made, showing the Pads and Leads only, for these 2 synths. Screen shots of the 2 interfaces is included. The Word file is safe; I created it myself. John CB SYNTHS - Pads and Leads only.docx
  10. browj2

    Community Manager Mathias introduces himself

    Welcome Mathias, You say that you are responsible for the magix.info community as well. Could you please introduce yourself over there under Forum, Information from Magix.info team?
  11. browj2

    News on Samplitude Pro-X3

    How about this: New name: Samplitude Pro or Samplitude Professional - no numbers or X's, no Pro X3. Program update: Unlimited use of program* Always get the latest version at time of purchase Plus: all new features for free for 1 year *With the update guarantee you will receive a full year of free new features and updates, which can be used indefinitely. If you reinstall the program after one year, you will have access to the basic version. After the one-year update guarantee has expired you can extend it for a discounted price. Strange? This is what Magix has on the Magix.com site for the new Audio & Music Lab Premium (AMLP). The previous version was 2016; now there is no mention of the version. As a reply to a ticket, Magix said: "All new product lines are not running version numbers anymore as we are moving to a different model with the software that will remain with one version a lot longer but have more updates." This sounds like a type of subscription plan, but without losing the use of the program after one year. To see some of the other new features, take a look at AMLP or Samplitude Music Studio 2016 on the Magix.com site. The basic Spectral cleaning tool now in AMLP has a bypass so that you can playback with and without the selected area (for those who don't have C&R). See link below: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fp3ij9x980i2abz/AMLP%20Spectral%20tools1.jpg?dl=0 Other changes will likely be to the UI of some tools, like Denoiser - see link below: https://www.dropbox.com/s/q29xl1qhx2bd2k7/AMLP%20Denoiser.jpg?dl=0 John
  12. browj2

    Where have my Gain Knobs gone?

    Hi, Make sure that you have updated to the latest patch Also, try running the program as Administrator.
  13. Hi, The version that you have is indeed limited, but it is free and is a teaser for the real thing. Here is a link to a discussion about it. Here is a link to the Samplitude site for your version, with a description of the features and limits. As far as I can tell, it has a limit of 8 tracks (midi/audio), so you are limited. If there is a limit of 4 for midi, you could try exporting them to a wav and importing to a new project, then you should be able to have another 4 midi instrument tracks available, or something like that. For what you are doing, either Music Maker or Music Studio (if you need to record to more than 1 track at a time - up to 4, I think) would probably be suitable, Samplitude Music Studio would be better. However, all of these cost money. Remember, you only get what you pay for. Regards, John
  14. Hi, You started with pretty much the top line program. I don't have Samplitude, I have Samplitude Music Studio, which is a step down. I also have Magix Music Maker which is at the bottom end, but is much more geared towards beginners, with a lot less bells and whistles. Did you download and install the additional instruments and sounds? See under Help for something like Download additional instruments and sounds. Download everything. Here is a link to the Samplitude Music Studio tutorials which should help you. You should also read the Tutorial part of the manual and follow along. This is really the only way to understand what is happening - you have to try it. You can view my tutorial for getting started in Music Maker which is simply an easier version of Samplitude. It will show you some of the basics to get going. You can also go through the Kraznet tutorials on his YouTube site. He has more than 150 of them. Look for the very basic getting started type tutorials. When you get everything installed, let us know what instruments and synths that you have. HTH John