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  1. this feature work with single track cpy/paste or single object cpoy/paste at once. is it possible that copy multiple object effect automation (inside single object) paste to another multiple objects are possible in the future at once ? ( it can now work as a copy effect automation single object paste automation effect parameter to another single object) our expectation is multiple at time ?
  2. SamplitudeUser

    fade for x4

    no, when on audio clip on vip page, right click to select and apply fade types like reaper. because verytime I must to go to the object editor (ctrl+o or dockable OE) to do this.
  3. SamplitudeUser

    fade for x4

    this topic has been talked about many times but, Is it possible to do a bezier or S type fade without entering the object editor for X4 ?
  4. SamplitudeUser

    Windows 10: Briefing

  5. SamplitudeUser

    2015 I thought I post this

    I think you should take the xeon E5 2697 V3 (incredible performance) http://ark.intel.com/tr/products/81059/Intel-Xeon-Processor-E5-2697-v3-35M-Cache-2_60-GHz
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    +1 EOSIS AIR EQ Premium http://www.eiosis.com/aireq.html
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    New 4K monitor

    wow !!!
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    OT: very impressed with Reaper

    +1 i try presonus studio one and Sawstudio together Samp, i think samplitude sound is best, It is unbelievable Clear/hear all of the details. I never give up Samp Sound Details..