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  1. gronk

    Sonimus Satson, etc.

    I prefer the Nebula plugins to VST plugins for saturation.. I don't mean to hijack your thread, but if you are after saturation, I suggest you try some Nebula libraries. Cheers, Bob.
  2. gronk

    Ircam Lab T.S.

    That's very impressive. Thanks mate.
  3. gronk

    OT: very impressed with Reaper

    Irvin, I have not read into Sebastian's comments, nor do I see, a single thing that you have read or that you see. Each to their own, and for their own reasons. Cheers, Bob.
  4. gronk

    Oldtimer's ears and bad habits?

    I'm 57 & swing both ways, but I like to remind myself that it's not about the pretty graphics. And sometimes, I even succeed! Cheers, Bob.
  5. gronk

    My track, "Convergence"

  6. gronk

    Sharing music !

    Thanks Phil!
  7. Things look normal here to me.......... Cheers, Bob.
  8. I just watched the video, Kraznet. Wow...... Cheers, Bob.
  9. gronk

    OT: very impressed with Reaper

    Speaking of Reaper efficiency.......... how did Samp go from being amongst the most efficient (maybe the most, apart from Saw) DAW's (from v2 up until maybe 8 or so) to, well, not amongst the most efficient? Cheers, Bob.
  10. gronk

    OT: very impressed with Reaper

    Hey Kraznet. My CPU tests with Reaper were not as comprehensive as yours, but yielded similar results when pack to the rafters with audio files & dozens of FX. Cheers, Bob.
  11. gronk

    De verb!

    Maybe in theory, however, in practice, the plugins dedicated to this function ( "DeVerberate" & "Unveil") operate far more effectively. Cheers, Bob.