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  1. Dejan

    Revolta 2

    Not a big problem for me becouse I can automate and hear the difference in sound. But I agree with you regarding to the Gui - it needs to be fixed
  2. Dejan

    Newbie Having Trouble With Cme Uf8

    Hi, Go to hardware controller Controller setup _track count(8),go to options_bank switch track number(8)_also depending on your needs try controller follows selected track,selected track follows controller,mixer follows controller,mixer follows controller on track selection. Btw-why do you need mackie mode instead of midi cc?
  3. Dejan

    Audio File Preview Greyed Out

    In open audio file window go to Options and under other untick deactivate preview and deactivate previev during using of asio if you use Asio drv.
  4. Hi Lacroix,

    Did you get my message?

    I cant see if you get my reply and I tried 2 times

  5. Dejan

    I Want A Piece Of Mind ...

    Best Cubase version for me was 1.0 on ATARI long time ago Few years ago newer versions of Cubase newer works better than Logic 4.81 or 5.51- midi timings and audio. So at the end I switch to SAM and never regret that.
  6. Dejan

    Samp 10 Rewire

    Reason works great under SAM from 8.31 to 9.12
  7. Dejan

    Inactivet State For Vst Effects?

    All new futures in 9.1 are amazing. Inactive state of VST+VSTFX is one of the most important futures for me. I have 2 gb ram AND 2 UAD-1 cards.I have some very ram hungry VSTI(one alone eats 1.2 gb ram). And inactive UAD plugs state is like a dreams become realitty future. And first time I see UAD stereo and mono under VSTFX properly. Buying more ram is not an option becouse of UAD(not working with more then 2 gb ram).UAD team is working on solution(driver) or at least I hope they do for Vista 32 and 64. Deep respect for developers again. Dejan
  8. Dejan

    Dejan Is Very Cool

    I have similar problem 6 years ago(Akai S100) and someone from the other side of planet helps me out. Beside of that we have a lot of very cool and very smart people with a lot of knovledge on Sam forum.Thanks to them my learning curve was and still is very fast.Not to mention a very useful things which is not found on manual. They save me zillion times with their solutions when problems come. SAM forum is one of the best forums I ever seen. Back to making music now. Dejan
  9. Motu 828 mk2 firewire works great with SAM.
  10. Dejan

    New Former Pro Tools User

    I am SFR user and I must say that customer service is very fast.Response time is 1or 2 days. Just mail them again