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  1. My new "single".

    So much fun! I just love your tunes and videos, Bob! Excellent! :-) Terry
  2. Windows 10 WDM and MME support broken?

    Well, so much for the easy answers! Terry
  3. Windows 10 WDM and MME support broken?

    Oh WAIT!!! I do know the answer - if you have EVER changed the permissions for your camera or microphone, then the new Win10 has introduced a new "master switch" that defaults to being OFF if you had changed those settings for any application at all. So, go to your permissions for the microphone and simply switch that fairly obvious master switch to "ON" (same with your camera). This affects all inputs - not just the "microphone". Sorry, should have thought of that straight off. Terry
  4. Windows 10 WDM and MME support broken?

    I use Voicemeeter to bring my ASIO interface (in my case a MOTU Ultralite mk3 hybrid) into OBS every day, and have not noticed any change. Voicemeeter is delivering via WDM/KS. Seems odd that both your M-Audio and your PCI-424 would both require driver updates at the same time due to the same Windows 10 update! Please definitely report back if you hear anything from either company's support! [EDIT - Nix on that - see below!] Terry
  5. Presswerk - The New Version Of AM-Munition

    Thanks for the update, Sascha - this new toy sounds VERY interesting! :-) Terry
  6. Presswerk - The New Version Of AM-Munition

    Aha! That does feel like our former-resident-DSP-developer-now-working-at-U-he has been busy porting some of his greatest ideas! :-) Cool! Terry
  7. Die Zeiten sind nicht einfach

    What fun! Delightful! Terry
  8. Guriguda - Sonnensystem

    Lovely! Very nice sounds and beautifully balanced. Subbed! Terry
  9. MP3 Export sounds "dull"

    I believe it was one of the features that pushed me over the edge to buy the upgrade from Pro X2 Suite. So, Pro X3 it was introduced if memory serves me. Terry
  10. Two Samplitude PRO X3 problems

    Sorry that didn't help. I actually tried my darndest to break mine but it just kept on working! Hopefully someone will be along who knows the answer. Terry
  11. Two Samplitude PRO X3 problems

    Press "Y" and go to Design/View Options and un-check "Scale with Fades/Curves" for number 1. For #2, do you mean the visualization window? Right-click it and make sure it is tracking the Master, perhaps, under "Output". Right-clicking it displays a ton of options - one may be set incorrectly. Terry
  12. MP3 Export sounds "dull"

    A WAV file's output should be digitally identical to what you hear from the transport, so I am not clear what could be different in this case. The full version of Samplitude allows you to hear what the MP3 will sound like while doing a mix so you can compensate for the differences. But at highest quality setting you should not hear much difference from the WAV file. Sorry, but without seeing your settings it is hard to anticipate what could be going wrong there. Terry
  13. What settings for best results?

    48kHz/24-bit is a noticeable improvement over 44.1kHz/16-bit and is becoming a new standard. Many recording companies are recording in 96kHz/24-bit so as to at least have that to offer to the "Hi-Fi" enthusiasts via Tidal and such. The difference is not as easily discernible to the casual listener as above, but working that way offers the flexibility to offer such "high-resolution" files. Some engineers feel their effects plugins work better at 96kHz (though why is a mystery to me, since all modern plugins up-sample to that for processing anyway and crunch numbers as 32-bit floating decimal). Buffer size will depend on the capabilities of your CPU and your audio interface. The lower the buffer rate, the more work the CPU has to perform to keep up with the real-time demands of audio work, taking such CPU processing away from plugins and virtual instruments, so you have to strike a compromise somewhere, generally speaking. I use buffers of 512 for recording and of 1024 for editing. There are some who strive to get the buffer as low as possible, especially for recording drum parts with other drum parts, where split-second precision is desirable. You may want to increase your RAM at some point. More RAM allows more instrument plugins and effects plugins to run at once, and more audio tracks, plus improves the operation of everything involved. 16 gigs is a good starting place, with 32 being a sweet spot over which few report much additional noticeable benefit. That is not to say I wouldn't LIKE 64 gigs of RAM! :-) Terry
  14. Fantastic! It is tidbits of knowledge like this that keep me returning here to read the ENTIRE forum periodically! :-) Thanks, Thomas! Terry