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  1. TerryBritton

    Music editor

    Yes. All the recent versions do.
  2. TerryBritton

    Exporting a file and no reverb tail?

    Ok, then - lengthening the project length should do it for you. File --> Project Properties --> Snap and Grid Setup - it is the third item from the top on the left. You can also get there either from CTRL-Shift-] or from the "i" key. Terry
  3. TerryBritton

    small playback drop outs

    I've said it before regarding MIDI latency and I'll say it again: learn to play with your fingers and not with your ears. (Essential if you ever want to play a church organ!) Terry (P.S. - I'm only being half-serious here! Please don't be triggered by it!) ;-)
  4. TerryBritton

    Exporting a file and no reverb tail?

    I seem to remember that if there is a crossfade at the end of an object then the tail will be cut off. Minimizing the crossfade to zero allows the tail to complete. You also can extend the length of the project if the above is not the issue. CTRL-Shift-] (right bracket) brings up the project length dialog. Terry
  5. TerryBritton

    My new "single".

    So much fun! I just love your tunes and videos, Bob! Excellent! :-) Terry
  6. TerryBritton

    Windows 10 WDM and MME support broken?

    Well, so much for the easy answers! Terry
  7. TerryBritton

    Windows 10 WDM and MME support broken?

    Oh WAIT!!! I do know the answer - if you have EVER changed the permissions for your camera or microphone, then the new Win10 has introduced a new "master switch" that defaults to being OFF if you had changed those settings for any application at all. So, go to your permissions for the microphone and simply switch that fairly obvious master switch to "ON" (same with your camera). This affects all inputs - not just the "microphone". Sorry, should have thought of that straight off. Terry
  8. TerryBritton

    Windows 10 WDM and MME support broken?

    I use Voicemeeter to bring my ASIO interface (in my case a MOTU Ultralite mk3 hybrid) into OBS every day, and have not noticed any change. Voicemeeter is delivering via WDM/KS. Seems odd that both your M-Audio and your PCI-424 would both require driver updates at the same time due to the same Windows 10 update! Please definitely report back if you hear anything from either company's support! [EDIT - Nix on that - see below!] Terry
  9. TerryBritton

    Presswerk - The New Version Of AM-Munition

    Thanks for the update, Sascha - this new toy sounds VERY interesting! :-) Terry
  10. TerryBritton

    Presswerk - The New Version Of AM-Munition

    Aha! That does feel like our former-resident-DSP-developer-now-working-at-U-he has been busy porting some of his greatest ideas! :-) Cool! Terry
  11. TerryBritton

    Die Zeiten sind nicht einfach

    What fun! Delightful! Terry
  12. TerryBritton

    Guriguda - Sonnensystem

    Lovely! Very nice sounds and beautifully balanced. Subbed! Terry
  13. TerryBritton

    MP3 Export sounds "dull"

    I believe it was one of the features that pushed me over the edge to buy the upgrade from Pro X2 Suite. So, Pro X3 it was introduced if memory serves me. Terry
  14. TerryBritton

    Two Samplitude PRO X3 problems

    Sorry that didn't help. I actually tried my darndest to break mine but it just kept on working! Hopefully someone will be along who knows the answer. Terry