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  1. TerryBritton

    Independence 3.6

    The version number for the one you have is found in the Preferences tab at the bottom of the screen to the left of the "Save Preferences" button. It is my understanding that 3.3 saw the introduction of support for 64-bit VST plugins to be used as part of an Independence project, where you could add a VSTi as a layer or use VST effects that you had placed into the special Independence VST Plugins folder found in C:\ProgramData\MAGIX\Independence\VST Plug-Ins. (VST effects cannot be added to a layer containing a VST instrument, though - only to an Independence instrument.) I know of no other differences, as MAGIX does not appear to publish a changelog for Independence. I have the 3.5 version of Independence Pro which is the version found in my Service Center downloads area. It is mislabeled if I recall correctly, and I had to download it and install it to discover I had the upgraded 3.5 version sitting there waiting for me. https://www.magix.com/int/support/pro-audio-downloads/ Terry
  2. TerryBritton

    Independence 3.6

    I hate to report this, but I already own Independence Pro (and the download in my MAGIX Pro Service Center gives me 3.5 as of a few weeks ago). When I tried 3.6, it broke. I could not get it to recognize my libraries, which work again after uninstalling 3.6 and installing 3.5 again. That was a real puzzler!!! Terry
  3. TerryBritton

    Stop at end of project

    Using the shortcut CTRL-SHIFT- ] (Right Bracket) pops up the correct settings window so you can adjust the length of the project. I usually tap the "END" key first (shortcut for menu item "Play/Rec - Move Play Cursor - To End"), then enter the value shown at the bottom of the VIP track window under "Pos" (Position). Voila! It stops playing at that point! :-)
  4. TerryBritton

    *.HDP *.HF2 *.HFP *.H0 *.H2 etc. etc

    Right on the money, tdor! :-) Terry
  5. TerryBritton

    Windows 10 WDM and MME support broken?

    That drove everybody nuts it affected! (Me included!) Glad you have it sorted now. :-) Terry
  6. TerryBritton

    Seq15 - Automation Slider recording

    Assign the hardware controller to a mixer slider following these instructions: https://terrybritton.com/samplitude-hardware-controller-mapping/ Terry
  7. TerryBritton

    Seq15 - MIDI Editor Hidden Key

    Not the one marked "Auf alle", but the mysterious highlighted structure at the extreme bottom right, correct? Very mysterious indeed. Terry (BTW - when creating or editing a post, below the text-entry region is a dialog as follows that you use to embed a picture:) Drag files here to attach, or choose files... Max total size 8.37MB
  8. TerryBritton

    Independence 3.6

    This says it is Independence Pro (which is a different license from the free Samplitude version). Does it also upgrade the Samplitude version? Terry
  9. TerryBritton


    Not certain what you mean. I use many instances of the Komplete Kontrol plugin every day in multiple tracks. Are you certain you are using the 64-bit one with 64-bit instruments in a 64-bit Samplitude? I think NI dropped the 32-bit version of KK and instruments, but you'd still need to be using 64-bit Samplitude. Terry
  10. TerryBritton

    Buffer size and improvisation

    I've been a bit of a Luddite with that feature! No, I haven't - and it is time I did give them a try! :-) (I have to get over my childhood conditioning that made me relate "economy" with "cheap"!) Terry
  11. TerryBritton

    Buffer size and improvisation

    Yes, freeze and unfreeze are simply magical, aren't they? Terry
  12. TerryBritton

    Buffer size and improvisation

    I just make a simple bounce, or mix-to-file if I feel like it. I have it placed in to the same VIP project as a new track, then play along with it with the other tracks muted. Or you could do it into a fresh VIP and export the stem of your playing to import into the master. I freeze a lot if using Samplitude as a composing tool, but I must admit to you that I seldom compose in Samplitude. For me it is my mixing and mastering tool. Freeze is not inelegant by any stretch of the imagination, it is simply that for this particular application where I will need all audio files (and the audio engine slider likely switched to the far left to get the lowest latency I can) and a very low buffer setting for that segment alone, then bouncing is how I do it. Terry Terry
  13. TerryBritton

    Buffer size and improvisation

    I play typically at 512. Usually, my mixes playback with adequately low latency at that buffer setting. If not, I make a bounce-down temp mix, mute all the other tracks and add the piano (or other instrument) while listening to the bounced version. This takes a huge load off the CPU and lets you turn your buffer way, way down if you need to. Then turn the buffers back up when going with all MIDI VSTi tracks again. You can also freeze a ton of tracks, but I find the quick temp-bounce technique to be much faster. Terry
  14. TerryBritton

    changing FX order in Object editor

    Might have - I hope you also saw my addendum concerning EQ116 that I just entered in an edit. Terry
  15. TerryBritton

    changing FX order in Object editor

    In the object editor, above the plugins slots there is a little blue button that you can press to deactivate or activate all of them at once. However, the trick you are looking for is in right-clicking on that button. That exposes a dialog similar to the one Georg mentioned for tracks that allows you to select a plugin and use the arrow keys to change its position. Beneath the plugins is a little arrow next to the letters FX. Dropping down that menu permits you to insert EQ116. (*Do that first, as it replaces whatever else is entered there.) Then you can add your other plugins, and after that use the right-click on the little blue button trick to re-order them. Terry