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  1. TerryBritton

    Samplitude Pro X3 VST2 Folder assignment

    What I've done for my DAWs is I've moved ALL my plugins into folders named for the type of plugin they are, and all those folders reside within Program Files\VSTPlugins. That grants me a beautiful menu organization that crosses among all the DAWs. I always manually select the folder I want the 64-bit plugin installed into when running the installers. I do not use 32-bit plugins at all, and let them be installed wherever it wants, because I do not show my DAWs those folders, eliminating duplicate names. I've done this for several years now, inspired by a video by Tim Dolbear I embed below. Terry
  2. That's good to hear! Haven't tried it yet, but now I will Terry
  3. TerryBritton

    Samplitude Pro X3 VST2 Folder assignment

    Yes, come to think of it as I am reading that, it does come to mind that I think Melodyne wants to install into Common Files. I likely changed it right away during the installation as it struck me as an odd place to put it, but then again all VST3 instruments go into Common Files by default universally now. The Program Files\VSTPlugins or Program Files\Steinberg\VSTPlugins folders are far more typical for VST2 items that I've seen. Terry
  4. TerryBritton

    Samplitude Pro X3 VST2 Folder assignment

    First, although you have your folder in Applications/Common Files, that is not the standard location where most plugins you purchase will install themselves. So be certain to include both in Samplitude's search paths by using the folder-icon at the right and browsing to each folder where you will keep plugins. Every time you browse to a folder and scan it, that folder is added to Samplitude's internal list. I highly recommend against mixing 32-bit and 64-bit plugins in the same folder. If you have some old 32-bit plugins, place them in a separate folder labeled clearly, like VSTPlugins32. Terry
  5. TerryBritton

    Samplitude Pro X3 VST2 Folder assignment

    Those are the correct default plugin folders for 64-bit VST2 and VST3 plugins. Perhaps Melodyne did not want to install to those for some reason? I always change any installer wanting to do otherwise to install in those defaults. I have Melodyne Studio, but do not remember it trying to install elsewhere. Just click the little folder on the right and add the folder Melodyne used, or move its DLL file to VSTPlugins. Terry
  6. TerryBritton

    Trial SpectraLayers Pro crash

  7. TerryBritton


    Well, grrrrrrr!!! :-| Terry
  8. TerryBritton


    To get the Midi Learn to work you may need to check a box in the Hardware Controllers section and then engage it for that plugin from the "plugin" menu in the VST window. See http://terrybritton.com/samplitude-hardware-controller-mapping/ Terry
  9. TerryBritton

    P2- Activation, Unable to Reach MAGIX Support

    Call them and it will be resolved in minutes. Tickets are for the long-suffering. Terry
  10. TerryBritton

    Cannot load image files

    I don't know of a registry approach, but did you try running Independence as an administrator? Terry
  11. TerryBritton

    Cannot load image files

    Come to think of it (memory being very slow), I don't think my authorization window came up until I attempted to select a different sound. Terry
  12. TerryBritton

    Cannot load image files

    See this thread for the download tool, which might help bring up the authorization page also as one of the options: Some people mentioned that they had trouble with the sample set authorization coming up within Samplitude. Try either loading the standalone version or loading it into a different host or DAW if that is the case. Terry
  13. TerryBritton

    Cannot load image files

    They probably didn't authorize. There is a thread here where Kraznet shows how to force the authorization. I'll look for it later if you can't find it. Terry
  14. TerryBritton

    Music editor

    No tutorials that I am aware of. Do you have a copy of the manual? That is probably going to be the best route for you. Terry
  15. TerryBritton

    Music editor

    Yes. All the recent versions do.