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  1. I am not certain these will work for everyone, but as I just made these I thought I would share. These are for the Independence Strings. If you use Vienna Ensemble Pro Server, these may speed up your setting up to access the Independence items resident on a slave machine. Each variation is in its own MIDI channel, and I'm using Shorts and Longs as busses to bring into your DAW. Requires Independence Pro license. Terry ID All Strings.vep64 IND Bassi.vep64 IND Celli.vep64 ID Hollywood Strings + Mic Modelers.vep64 IND Strings Mic Modelers.vep64 IND Violas.vep64 IND Violins.vep64
  2. TerryBritton

    Samplitude,Bouncing down Crash on 99%

    "An error message," eh? ;-) Write it down next time (as you know to do now!) :-D It might be the WAV file is in a sample rate that is not the same as the project sample rate. In that case, converting the WAV to the correct sample rate and dropping that version into place might fix things up. Let us know! And welcome to the forum! Terry
  3. TerryBritton

    Installing Independence

    See this post I just added here to this section:
  4. Kraznet included the "official library downloader" file independence_prolibrary_dlm.exe and also a link to his dropbox stash of the full library in this thread. His video on entering the library path in Preferences is also there. Terry
  5. TerryBritton

    Independence Library files (2) corrupt

    Kraznet included the "official downloader" file independence_prolibrary_dlm.exe and also a link to his dropbox stash of the full library installer in this thread. Terry
  6. TerryBritton

    Standalone Version

    I imagine both, as I mostly use Independence within Samplitude. But now I don't remember if I actually tested the standalone, the Samp plugin and the plugin in another DAW. I'll make some time to test it soon, but as I am building a template/instances in Vienna Ensemble Pro for Independence now, I'll not be messing with anything else for a bit. Terry
  7. TerryBritton

    Standalone Version

    Just to note that for some 3.6 does not work. Only 3.5 will "see" the libraries. Terry
  8. TerryBritton

    Hello. i have questions.

    Reported this mystery link as it may be a virus.
  9. TerryBritton

    Automatization of multiple tracks

    Not sure which version of Samplitude you have, but look into using VCA faders and automating those instead of using normal groups. It is easier to manage and actually more effective as the reverb sends stay properly relative to the track. Here is a good article by Magix on them: http://magazine.magix.com/en/mixing-with-vca-faders/ The automation method is near the bottom of the article, but read the entire thing - quite enlightening! Terry
  10. TerryBritton

    ARA Melodyne not audible - SampProX3

    Aha! Good to know! Thanks! Terry
  11. TerryBritton

    AM-Munition: open and cold?

    Yes, and if you need information on tape formulations just let me know. Under hypnosis, I should be able to recall all the differences! Terry
  12. Great to know. What was the answer? EDIT: The solution is posted here:
  13. TerryBritton

    Independence 3.6

    The version number for the one you have is found in the Preferences tab at the bottom of the screen to the left of the "Save Preferences" button. It is my understanding that 3.3 saw the introduction of support for 64-bit VST plugins to be used as part of an Independence project, where you could add a VSTi as a layer or use VST effects that you had placed into the special Independence VST Plugins folder found in C:\ProgramData\MAGIX\Independence\VST Plug-Ins. (VST effects cannot be added to a layer containing a VST instrument, though - only to an Independence instrument.) I know of no other differences, as MAGIX does not appear to publish a changelog for Independence. I have the 3.5 version of Independence Pro which is the version found in my Service Center downloads area. It is mislabeled if I recall correctly, and I had to download it and install it to discover I had the upgraded 3.5 version sitting there waiting for me. https://www.magix.com/int/support/pro-audio-downloads/ Terry
  14. TerryBritton

    Independence 3.6

    I hate to report this, but I already own Independence Pro (and the download in my MAGIX Pro Service Center gives me 3.5 as of a few weeks ago). When I tried 3.6, it broke. I could not get it to recognize my libraries, which work again after uninstalling 3.6 and installing 3.5 again. That was a real puzzler!!! Terry