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    German summer tour

    Great to hear Bob, I've toured in Germany a lot since the early 90's and I totally agree with all you say, LOVE IT! Wise decision to bring the Kemper, it's always nice to know what amp you'll have for the gig's on tour ... I have live bit closer to Germany than you so we usually drive from Sweden and can bring the full backline, but sometimes I have a small rig with an old Line 6 Pod and a Electro Harmonix Magnum 44 for small gigs ... that small Magnum 44 plays surprisingly loud. Enjoy the rest of your tour! Cheers, Thomas
  2. It's the same on my computers web browser as well ... another annoying thing is that on my phones browser I need to ok for cookies every time I visit ...
  3. Same here, I noticed it earlier today when I was logged in, suddenly the page went white with just some html code and I was logged out. Logged in again and apparently they did some update on the forum as it is the last day to update to the new GDPR today and added 2 new tabs: "Legal Notice" and "Privacy Statement". Something happened with the icons at the same time ... Regards, Thomas
  4. Hi @Johnny BladeI Have checked out this old Kraznet video on sidechaining in Samplitude? it includes using Am-munition. All the best, Thomas
  5. Yes @Johnny Blade, feels familiar ... like I said in your AM-Phibia thread, Sascha makes great stuff at u-he now ... ... and just because of you pointing this out i'm now also testing the Uhbik FX collection .. damn it, I don't need more plugins ... Best, Thomas
  6. Hi @LNaum I'm happy that you at least got it to work in the old ProX for now, but it is very strange it doesen't work for you in ProX3, it works here on my ProX3. Try to install ProX3 again (maybe you allready have done so), you can have both version installed same time. I have ProX, ProX2, Prox3 and even my old Samplitude 6 all installed at the time. Best, Thomas
  7. As I understand from earlier answers he is playing on one midi keyboard track by track. I suspect monitor input is activated on all Independence channels in the Samplitude mixer, as they are by default activated on all channels when loading a multichannel Independence, so if you load second Independence they will also be activated, and that makes both sound on the same midi channel ... so turning off all the monitor inputs are needed. @LNaum Have you turned off the monitor inputs in Samplitude? It's the speaker icon above the track meters in the mixer.
  8. Great! I had totally forgot that setting ... And I try explain again too ... There are only 16 midi channel available in Samplitude and in Independence, so you can't get 32. No, that's not entirely true. The same midi channel on for example midi channel 1 in Independence 1 and Independence 2 will only sound simultaneously if you choose them to do so, so make sure you turned of input monitor on all mixer channels except for the one you a playing at the time. All the best, Thomas
  9. Wow that’s great, thanks @Kraznet Regards, Thomas
  10. Hi! Loading 2 or 3 Independence VSTi's work well here without interference with one another. I think Matt described it well and as he said turn of monitoring on all mixer channels except for the one you are recording on ... Unfortunately all monitor input are active when you load the Independence VSTi in Samplitude. So first you need to turn them off. Another thing, you have to manualy setup the outputs in the mixer inside Independence, otherwise all sound goes to the first output and you cant mix them separete in the Samplitude mixer. I think you missing the point, you are confusing ourself with midi channels & intrument channels, there are only 16 midi channels available in Samplitude and Independece, so to get more than 16 instruments you need to use 2 or more Independece VSTi or Kontakt or any other VSTi you might use, all of them will have 16 midi channels each. As Independece have the choice of 8 stereo + 8 mono or 12 stereo i would choose 12 stereo, then you need 4 Independece VSTi's for +40 channels (up to 48 channels) but that of course depends if you use stereo or mono instruments. Regards, Thomas
  11. Ok @LNaum, for 40 channels you need to set up 3 Independence VSTi's (48 channels) I would set up the routing as Multi-Channel, Extended Options: All as Stereo. Thomas
  12. Hi! As tdor said earlier with VST you are stucked with 16 midi channels, so the second instance of Independence will work as a new VST instrument with it own 16 midi channels, totalty independent of the first one. How are you using Independence, on one track in Samplitude and using Independence internal mixer? Or as multritrack and using Samplitudes mixer? Thomas
  13. I belive you need to add another instance of Independence, then you get 16 more channels and add another one if you need more than 32 channels ... Regards, Thomas
  14. TotteG

    Moderator / Magix Representative

    Hi, I believe it was this topic: http://support2.magix.net/boards/samplitude/index.php?/topic/32070-community-manager-mathias-introduces-himself/ Regards, Thomas
  15. TotteG

    music video

    Yeah! Nice Phil! Regards, Thomas
  16. TotteG

    Plug-in parameter dialog

    You are welcome Emmanuel! I've learnt a lot from this forum, just by checking other members questions & answers you can pick up good stuff & different way of doing things ... Regards, Thomas
  17. TotteG

    Plug-in parameter dialog

    Hi Emmanuel! No need to use that, it is the parameters that controls in the plugin GUI, it is used to turn of the GUI, mainly for the Visually Impaired mode, for blind people who uses Samplitude with text reader software ... I think it is fantastic that Samplitude is available for Visually Impaired people as well Regards, Thomas
  18. TotteG

    Instrument switch

    Great, glad to be of help! I'm happy you are happy Emmanuel
  19. TotteG

    Instrument switch

    Hi Emmanuel! If you pressing the yellow keys in the String Ensemble window while recording, these notes will not be recorded as you can't record notes from plugin keyboard. You need to play these corresponding keys on you keyboard to record them, same way as the normal notes you play ... you can also add or change them later in the Midi editor. Regards, Thomas
  20. TotteG

    Two Samplitude PRO X3 problems

    Hi AnalogObsession! Check in the Taskmanager if you have a crached Sam.exe running in the background, that might blocking Samplitude from saving the setting ... or it could also be a AntiVirus issue blocking the program from saving the setting ... For the Visualization issue check if you have activated Track Visualization on any track, you do by by right clicking in the tracks to get the menu (not on an object in the track) Regards Thomas
  21. Great that it worked out! I'm glad that i could be of help BAKATRACK Regards Thomas You are welcome Terry! I do the same, I've learnt a lot from reading this forum so I'm happy that I can share some knowledge sometimes as well Regards Thomas
  22. Hi again! Found the libraries.xml -file where the library path references is stored Here on my old surf computer it's found in C:\Documents and Settings\$USER$\Application Data\MAGIX\Independence\Preferences Edit: Now i've checked my Win 7 computer and it's found in C:\Users\$USER$\AppData\Local\MAGIX\Independence\Preferences So on Win 10 it should hopefully be found in C:\Users\$USER$\AppData\Local\MAGIX\Independence\Preferences or in C:\Users\$USER$\AppData\Roaming\MAGIX\Independence\Preferences If not search for: libraries.xml Open the libraries.xml-file with the Notepad and edit out the G reference, make a copy of it before just in case ... Cheers! Thomas
  23. Great that you got it sorted! Yeah an update of Independence with the remove library button would be appreciated, and also I have some library's from Best Service Engine that works well in Independence but the their latest library's & demos only works with the latest version of Engine and these won't load in the latest Independence, so an update is needed ... I use both Independence & Engine, Engine lack of som features of the Independence Pro, like mapping ... but can also load the Independence Pro library (from within Samplitude if you have the Prox Suit, standalone if you have the separate Pro licence) so for playing the library's and tweaking the sound it works well ... Engine download: https://www.bestservice.com/downloads.html Engine demo library: https://www.bestservice.com/engine_artists_library.html (unfortanly not working in Independence, the earlier demos works but is not available to download anymore) The little tiny button next to the folder text is like an on/off button, by pressing it and then rebuild the menu, that library will be hidden in the menu ... Annoying with the G reference, I will have a look if I can locate where the it is stored ... Cheers! Thomas
  24. Hi! Sorry ,I rememered it wrong about the remove button, that's only available in Best Service "Engine" which is basicly a reskined version of Independence Free (but Engine seems more up to date). But the open button do apply to the latest Independece. If you click open without selecting a folder nothing happens as you descibed, if you select a folder that not include a library and click open you will get an error no valid libary, if you select an folder with a valid libary and click open it just add the path no other conformation ... Then to remove a library in Independence you need to move or remane the library folder, then it will show missing in the library path, click refresh and it will be removed, now you can add the new path to your G drive ... Regards Thomas
  25. Hi BAKTRAK! Did get it sorted? Things has changed a bit since that video ... The old version of Independence in Kraznets video has the "Ok" button but the new later version has the "Open" button instead. The new version also has a "remove library" button as well as the "add library" (the old version didn't have the remove one), use that to remove the path to the library on your C drive (it only removes the reference path in Independence, the folder and files will remain there. Then select the folder on your G drive and click Ok, then it should accept the new path ... Regards Thomas