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  1. resolectric

    Samplitude Pro X4 Videos by Kraznet

    This .ini edit from @Kraznet is a great tip but unfortunately the plugin organization in the restored view isn't exactly as it was in X3, namely, where the VST3 plugins are indexed. In X3 all VST3 plugins were listed inside the main Categories, on top. With this modification, although the Categories list is presented the way it was in X3, all the VST3 plugins are listed inside the "VST FX" Category. I got used to go to the main list (the one on top) whenever i wanted to select a VST3 plugin knowing that all VST2 were in a separate Category, the VST FX subfolder. Anyway, it is greatly appreciated to have part of the X3 plugin display option. And it is a beautiful hack! Wondering what else could be done inside that .ini file that could give the user the best of both, X3 and X4.
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    Samplitude Metadata Editing?

  3. resolectric

    Samplitude Metadata Editing?