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  1. Hi guys! Now I've talked with some others who also use Samplitude, and they also prefer the "+" to "~". Now I've a question: there are also differences in german Braille to english Braille. The period which looks like . (point 3 on a german Braille Display) looks like $ (points 4 and 6 on a Braille Display) in English Braille, for example. Is there a possibility to create two different versions in the Accessibility skins that the English skin has the "~" in the track and the german skin has the "+" in the track? If that doesn't work, my second question is: may it can be possible, if someone really doesn't like the "~" symbol, that he or she can change it individually to the "+" symbol?
  2. I see. But the danger that I use the "+" in the trackname is not given in my case. I like short tracknames like Guitar 1 or Vox.1.
  3. Okay, pitty, I liked the plus as selection mark. I think it made a better look on the Braille Display. :-)
  4. OK, thanks. Does the Suite Trial also include the Trial of Sound Forge or is that an extra Trial?
  5. Hello! Sorry, my English isn't really quite good, but did I understand you correctly that the plus symbol should not be the symbol that signs a track as a selected track? I for example helped a good friend to install and run Pro X3 on his Laptop and when I saw the new skin with the new way of track selection with the plus symbol, I was really surprised and I thougt, yes, that was a great idea. Regards, Patrick
  6. Hi Tom! Is there also a Trial for the Basic Version of Samplitude Pro X or do we have there only the Suite Version? Or isn't there any difference between the download files? Regards, Patrick
  7. Hi Tom! Ich mach das jetzt mal besser auf Deutsch. :-) Reinhard Walter hat noch einige Probleme, hier reinzukommen, aber ich bin schon dran und helf da ein wenig mit. Bei ihm scheitert's momentan noch etwas, sofern ich ihn verstanden habe, bei der Anmeldung an sich. Aber das kriegen wir schon hin. LG Patrick
  8. Hello there! Now I've tried it on my own and with my own Version of Samplitude Pro X. Didn't work. Any ideas what to do? Regards, Patrick Hallo! So, nun habe ich es mit meiner eigenen Version von Samplitude noch einmal versucht. Unverändert. Wie gehe ich bei der Inbetriebnahme von der Library vor? mlg Patrick
  9. Hello again! Yesterday I tried it again to search the Forum category and in the second atempt it worked. I don't know what happened, but now it works. Sincerely, Patrick Hallo! Gestern hab ich es noch einmal probiert, das Forum zu finden, und im zweiten Anlauf hat es dann geklappt. Ich weiß nicht, was dann anders gelaufen ist, aber nun funktioniert es. LG Patrick
  10. Hello there! Thanks for this thread! I'm also looking for the Accessibility Forum and can't find it. What's going wrong with me and my account? ;-) Sincerely, Patrick Hi! Danke für diesen Thread. Ich kann das Accessibility Forum auch nicht finden. Was läuft falsch mit mir bzw. mit meinem Account? LG Patrick