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  1. Is there a feature in samplitude pro x3 to have the cursor stop at end of project? I'm sure I just I'm just not looking in the right place... Thanks...
  2. Factor

    Stop at end of project

    Thanks for all the tips guys..
  3. Factor

    Stop at end of project

    no I don't have loop engaged...
  4. Hi all, my name is Carl, by now I assume everyone is aware that Sonar went belly up, well, I've decided to jump on board the Samp train.. I'm totally loving the software, it's only been a few days, still learning the ins and outs...I have one question, does samplitude have a cpu meter? I'm pretty sure it does, just don't know where to find it...At my age these things happen, lol...
  5. Factor

    Cakewalk Revived?

    Great news for sonar users, I found a new home here with samplitude, can't go back.
  6. Factor

    Ghost Faders

    Ghost faders are creepy, they scare me...
  7. Factor

    Happy New Year

    Happy 2018 to my samplitude family, lets all make great music!!!
  8. Hey Bitsync, Did you get your MCU issues resolved, I'm new to samplitude, and I'm having issues with my MCU, like you can't get my meters in the display to work, I have basic function, transport, track solo, mute, record, and select all work, automation and fader banks all work, everything else is dead,.. My unit works very well in other DAW's...
  9. Factor

    Dumb question

    Thank you sir...
  10. Factor

    Dumb question

    Is there an input trim function in samplitude, I couldn't find it on the channel strip, is it hidden someplace....
  11. Factor

    Thank you, Kraznet!

    Yes thank you Mr Kraznet, you are very good at what you do, you've definitely made this transition a lot easier, not only for me, but a lot of other folks.. Thanks for your gift....
  12. Factor

    Another Sonar Refuge

    Thank you sir!