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  1. Johnny Blade

    VST Plugin - "Reverb Remover" (?)

    Very good!!! I'm going to check this out! Thank you, @dobro!
  2. Johnny Blade

    Samplitude meets Dr Demento

    I like this sing. Well done!
  3. Johnny Blade

    VST Plugin - "Reverb Remover" (?)

    OK, I understand your point! I have achieved very satisfactory results through an attenuation of the LEVEL fader of the SUSTAIN parameter integrated in the excellent AM-Pulse. However, this method does not cover situations that require more critical repairs. I will try out your suggestions, they are certainly a great starting point.
  4. Johnny Blade

    VST Plugin - "Reverb Remover" (?)

    Cool !!!! @resolectric, thank you very much!
  5. Hi all. Please, does anyone know of any specific mastering plugin that can remove the ambience of a stereo wave file ("reverb remover", for example)? Thanks in advance!
  6. Johnny Blade

    Vote for Samplitude

    KVR What is your main DAW? https://www.strawpoll.me/16371302
  7. Johnny Blade

    My new "single".

    Very cool !!!! Great work !
  8. Johnny Blade

    John Dowland CD

  9. Johnny Blade

    Making a Red Book CD image file

    As far I remember, DDP is a feature from Sequoia that was introduced to Samplitude in version Pro X3. I think you'll need another tool to do DDP. Take a look on Google for free DDP makers, it's possible you'll find something good enough.
  10. Johnny Blade

    Presswerk - The New Version Of AM-Munition

    It looks like a kind of Ratio (see left graphic), but I also would like to know about that.
  11. Johnny Blade

    Checkout my new single song - OZD - Wake up ft. VEEKA

    IMHO, that song is going to be a hit. It has a typical face of a hit. It smells like a hit. It is engaging as a hit. It was born as a genuine hit. Very well built and produced. Captivating. Very nice chorus. Easy to like and hear again. A hit.
  12. Johnny Blade

    Checkout my new single song - OZD - Wake up ft. VEEKA

    hehehehe... at about 2:35 I can see you and Samp! Very nice song! Sound clean and very well balanced, great vocals! Very well done! Congratulations!
  13. Does anyone know if 200 seconds is really the max? Samp's manual doesn't help and I would like to put FFT Filter against T-RackS' Master Match. It seems FFT Filter is faster to work with, but Master Match more accurate, at first view.
  14. Johnny Blade

    Moderator / Magix Representative

    I really like Samplitude and can not imagine using other software so spontaneously and pleasantly. However, I have long been resigned: if it depends on the manufacturer, it is each one by itself. Kraznet is a competent professional volunteer, but also has his personal affairs and obviously can not stay at all times available to this forum. His willingness to help is impressive and I sometimes believe that the company acts inhumanly by leaving him alone here. Master Kraznet is all we have, we must not deceive ourselves. Apparently, Magix settled down. Or must have forgotten about this place.