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  1. Johnny Blade

    Strange Sounds - The Plan

    It was very well planned!
  2. Johnny Blade

    *.HDP *.HF2 *.HFP *.H0 *.H2 etc. etc

    Good tip, thanks!
  3. Very nice for Samplitude's mixer!!! Source
  4. Johnny Blade

    Strange Sounds - The Story Begins

    Cool! Thanks for sharing your work!
  5. Johnny Blade

    Strange Sounds - The Story Begins

    Very beautiful! We can already make a beautiful CD for quiet trips with all your instrumental works. If you authorize, of course.
  6. Johnny Blade

    Final End - Rutger Hauer Tribute

    oh... very nice tribute!!
  7. Johnny Blade

    Loudnessmeter SampX4Suite

    No. It's Sequoia feature only. Sorry for the delay.
  8. Johnny Blade

    Windows 10 WDM and MME support broken?

    Samp Pro X4 + Windows 10 build 1903 (x6) here. I use WDM with AudioQuest DragonFly in my Notebook. I've never experienced any problem.
  9. Johnny Blade

    Strange Sounds - Summer Heat Again

    Very nice sound!
  10. Johnny Blade

    Strange Sounds - Coast

    The effects with laughter of children with the image of an empty rocking chair became sinister. Very introspective video and audio. Great!
  11. Johnny Blade

    Strange Sounds - Grave

  12. Johnny Blade

    Strange Sounds - Grave

    The title perfectly translates the atmosphere of the music; it is a beautiful and very interesting work. The vocal arrangements were excellent and fit perfectly! Very good indeed.