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Hi, my name is José Carlos. I am Brazilian, I live in Brazil, a country full of opportunities and challenges like any other great nation.

Music has been my passion since very early. My first advanced music experience came from Sound Forge when Sonic Foundry still owned it. Over the years, I felt the need to expand the possibilities and then I started looking for more robust tools. I started using SONY Vegas (now purchased by Magix) as DAW, since this brilliant software covers this possibility and I was already used to its workflow, very similar to Sound Forge. A short time later I wanted even more.

I met Samplitude during a long search for a good audio mastering software. First I was taken to the Steinberg WaveLab, where I came across a large number of users making many honorable mentions about Samplitude. I started researching about it. I jumped: the checkmate came after watching this video:

With Samplitude Pro X a much larger world unfolded in front of me. And a little later, I met Sequoia 12.

It is possible to have outstanding experiences with any audio software offered nowadays. They are many and excellent. But nothing else replaces Samplitude for me. As the learning curve deepens and stabilizes, I am increasingly drawn to the feeling that Samplitude has been developed especially for me.