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  1. Indeed! Always Thomas... Always...
  2. Yes, it was very cool.
  3. Johnny Blade

    Strange Sounds - Trust Me, This Is Drama

    Another masterpiece. You are very talented!
  4. Johnny Blade

    Strange Sounds - Remember Me, Who I Was

    What I've heard is nothing poor. There is talent, creativity and whimsy.
  5. Very nice! Instrumental work very well done, congratulations!
  6. Johnny Blade

    Say Goodbye

    Clean! Beautiful! Congratulations, it sounds very good.
  7. Johnny Blade

    Happy Holidays

    Thank you! To you too!
  8. Johnny Blade

    Pro X4 Samplitude Plugins not showing up

    Did you click on the "Plugin Browser" in that drop-down list?
  9. Johnny Blade

    Samplitude Pro X4 Videos by Kraznet

    Hi there, @Oper! It's not possible to implement the Favorites list into the old VST Menu, but it's possible to edit the 'PluginFavorites.xml' and 'VstPlugins.ini' to improve the way that old VST menu, new plugin browser and new 'Favorites' menu display the plugins. With a minimum of patience, you can achieve very satisfactory results in terms of displaying plugins. The new Plugin Browser is a very good addition.
  10. Johnny Blade

    Samplitude Pro X4 Videos by Kraznet

    This tip works perfectly here, including the old menu plugin. And the 'VstPlugins.ini' is still editable to improve both old menu and new plugin browser.
  11. Johnny Blade

    Samplitude Pro X4 Videos by Kraznet

    Cool!!!! Thank you!
  12. Johnny Blade

    Samplitude Pro X4 Videos by Kraznet

    What a cool... With these tutorials, my migration to the X4 will be wonderfully natural...
  13. Johnny Blade

    Vote for Samplitude

    What is your main DAW? https://www.strawpoll.me/16371302
  14. Hi all. Please, does anyone know of any specific mastering plugin that can remove the ambience of a stereo wave file ("reverb remover", for example)? Thanks in advance!
  15. Johnny Blade

    VST Plugin - "Reverb Remover" (?)

    Very good!!! I'm going to check this out! Thank you, @dobro!
  16. Johnny Blade

    Samplitude meets Dr Demento

    I like this sing. Well done!
  17. Johnny Blade

    VST Plugin - "Reverb Remover" (?)

    OK, I understand your point! I have achieved very satisfactory results through an attenuation of the LEVEL fader of the SUSTAIN parameter integrated in the excellent AM-Pulse. However, this method does not cover situations that require more critical repairs. I will try out your suggestions, they are certainly a great starting point.
  18. Johnny Blade

    VST Plugin - "Reverb Remover" (?)

    Cool !!!! @resolectric, thank you very much!
  19. Johnny Blade

    My new "single".

    Very cool !!!! Great work !
  20. Johnny Blade

    John Dowland CD

  21. Browsing the Web, I found this plugin. Interesting as it looks like AM-Munition! It has 2 channels/compressors, M/S Mode, channel link, soft clipping, threshold with auto make up gain (similar effect to the threshold of the AM-Munition in 'Master' section ), the metering graph with the clipping leds above, sidechain (see 'Int : Ext' knob), sidechain monitor, pre and post saturation (similar to the 2 stages of clipping in AM-Munition's 'expert' settings) and much much more: I downloaded the PDF manual and still other similarities are glimpsed!!!!!! Has anyone noticed this before? For me, it's the AM-Munition, apparently updated in a new version and skin!!! Almost everything is very familiar!
  22. Johnny Blade

    Making a Red Book CD image file

    As far I remember, DDP is a feature from Sequoia that was introduced to Samplitude in version Pro X3. I think you'll need another tool to do DDP. Take a look on Google for free DDP makers, it's possible you'll find something good enough.
  23. Johnny Blade

    Presswerk - The New Version Of AM-Munition

    It looks like a kind of Ratio (see left graphic), but I also would like to know about that.
  24. Johnny Blade

    Checkout my new single song - OZD - Wake up ft. VEEKA

    IMHO, that song is going to be a hit. It has a typical face of a hit. It smells like a hit. It is engaging as a hit. It was born as a genuine hit. Very well built and produced. Captivating. Very nice chorus. Easy to like and hear again. A hit.