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  1. These have probably made the rounds here but I just came across these videos over at the Vegas Pro forum - interesting to hear of the birth of Samplitude. I had both an Amiga 500 & 1000 at one time and wish I had know about Samplitude back then (I may or may not still be using it today :). Pt 1 - Visit to MAGIX AG Berlin Pt 2 Visit to MAGIX AG Berlin
  2. Hey Tim, interested in your documents for Samplitude.  New user and coming to grips with the program so any help would be great!

    While not native, we lived in TX for nearly 20 years.  Moved from Grapevine up here to SW Kansas in July of '16.  Miss TX but not the traffic haha!  Trying to get started with some studio work in the area - not much here.