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  1. fmm

    rewire for reason 10

    sorry I cant get samp to load reason 10 any help will do eric
  2. Thanks terry this was driving me nuts this fixed my problem samp,real band ,band lab and many others don't know how this got disable sure effected many apps eric
  3. fmm

    brand new user

    thanks Kraznet the multy outs were the problem and focus when rercording in samp
  4. hi guys i have been looking at video rewire to reason however doesn,t seem to work on reason 10 correctly like reason 4 video does anyone seen reason 10 rewire to samp thanks for help eric
  5. fmm

    wings of my soul

    hi Christian very engaging and inspiring a wonderful peace thank you for sharing this eric
  6. fmm

    Genial clouds

    loving my samp here trying to wrap my head around it lot to learn thanks for listening and comments eric
  7. hi i have to say Samplitude is a great peace of software love it thanks Kraznet for your contributions very helpful and this forum just reading along i am picking up nuggets samps terminology and sonar is some what different however makes sense starting to get it thanks eric p.s. great forum support
  8. hi I'm fmm i am looking for good videos beginner and somewhere in middle thanks for help eric