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  1. HHfallback

    Rehearsal lead guitar

    Pilyser is cool ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,you like the same as me i use the method i posted above,and have an isolation cabinet connected (Box with a speaker in,soundproofing = ISO cab) .. i also take a feed from the send of the amp (send on amp = pre-amp out) and send this to Kefir (an Impulse loader plug = IR loader) in the daw ... i can mix in the sound of the 2 mics also .. if wanted i also use another 2 stand alone valve pre-amps,and send those to Kefir on other channels (this is totally silent in the room) the switching to pre-amps or big amp (with ISO box) is done in the daw ... (you are able to pick which multichannel hardware outputs you want to use) there are problems you will come across using this method,but you *are* recording the DI,so can change at will later ... oh! just in case anyone reads this and doesn't know, NEVER run a valve amp without a load = KA-BOOM!!! i say Kifir cos that's the IR loader i had the least trouble with
  2. HHfallback

    Rehearsal lead guitar

    you might be better plugging the guitar DI to your interface,exactly the same as using an AmpSim, then send the DI signal to the amp added as an external effect .. this way you are in effect re-amping ... you can also use this method to also use the amp playing "live" .. the good bit is:- your not committed to any hardware amp tone (change your mind later,cos only the DI signal is recorded) its easier to edit clean DI tracks,find transients (for beat/tempo markers) than it is to edit tracks recorded with high gain you can perfect your lead tracks,before sent to the amp (neighbours will be happier you use the amp for only 10 mins rather than all day) you can use an amp sim at 3am,the recorded DI can be sent to the amp at any time ... or used in another studio you can add effects to the return signal only (or on the send to the amp,if thats what you wanted at some point,maybe a compressor,noise gate ) recorded and perfected DI tracks can be disabled and hidden after you have re-amped,and always there if wanted later problems:- you need a multichannel interface (you cant do this easily on a 2 channel interface,although still possible,but creates extra steps) at first it can be hard to setup,once you "get" the idea,its pretty easy to use in any daw i have tested this is sam3,it works perfectly,i had no latency or phase problems (don't forget to use the delay compensation option) ...
  3. HHfallback

    Some new problems in ProX 4

    ahh,sorry i cant help you really .. i don't actually use sam (cos it never worked for me) .. but i spent a lot of time trying to get it to run stably ... a few months ago i found out sam4 was out,so i tried that for 2 weeks (only testing audio stability and not any features,while filling time editing a skin) then a friend said "i get 40% better usage in win10" so i went m/s and downloaded win10 .. all my spare time is used making my own install iso (without the spyware and hidden services) im only here cos i like the people
  4. HHfallback

    Some new problems in ProX 4

    1) check your windows display settings (right click on desktop and select "screen resolution" ) .. some people are unaware they can make the desktop "bigger" .. if your using an old monitor/graphics card then it might not be able to support the larger screens needed by some programs ... im guessing here.but i *think* sam needs 1280x1024 at least (someone will be along to correct me soon if wrong) 2) drag the transport by the little handle on the top left side (if you use micro transport i *think* you can click on the time display? .. around there anyhoo) 3) yes,64bit sam will run 32bit pluggins ... it uses a software bridge,some plugs will work better than others ... now is a good time to start upgrading your 32bit plugs to 64 ... 32bit plugs are dead now 4) not sure about that one,cos it could be lots of things .. but i would start with sam asio audio settings,then the monitoring options ...
  5. btw - welcome,good to have you here read around the forum,they are a great bunch of helpful people ... its not the busiest of boards (specially at weekends) but you`ll love it
  6. try setting your fonts and Dpi setting to default .. that's usually where these things come from ... if that cures your plug display,then its a juggling act to get the right settings that will work for you daws will "frame" the plug gui using their settings (like sonar will make a meter gui to wide to fit in your workspace ) but the pluggin maker might have a different idea about the skin it uses ... btw- it looks like your on win10,did you know that if you have 2 or more monitors connected to your pc you can choose scaling options for each monitor? - something else to consider for that problem pluggin gui
  7. HHfallback

    problems connecting to the forum

    if your logging in correctly,and ticking the "remember me" box then don't delete the site cookies after you visit ... your site options are stored in them/it if you got a cookie cleaner add this forum to its whitelist ... *think* this is a non-official magix site,so not supported by magix ..?? .. not 100% sure .. soon find out when a regular comes by and corrects me
  8. HHfallback

    order of SENDS AUX

    did it work for you? 50 sends is many! how so? .. you make single headphone mix for many orchestra member?
  9. HHfallback

    order of SENDS AUX

    i get you,i think the SEND you cannot change at top of mixer ... but return you can move .. but not advisable to do so,bad things happen later have you try:- delete the old returns (the SEND at top also delete) add new sends as you need rename new sends to best names ... the pluggins on any return can be saved,to recall later in new return with new name maybe this works?
  10. HHfallback

    problems connecting to the forum

    there should be option like "remember me" <- tick box at side ... should cure cookie in browser remember you then .. i not want test log out,i forget pass!
  11. nice thomas thanks defo need a rep button ..
  12. HHfallback

    Strange Sounds - Primitive Sounds

    nice ! ... keep nipping back to this thread to press play as i browse the forum
  13. thanks byxx will be looking into this soon
  14. Good point .. /subscribes to the thread
  15. HHfallback

    Trying to delete section of track: HELP ME

    bugger!,but im glad your feeling better,full recovery soon i hope taking easy for a little while then .. you were here all over Christmas and deserve a break,shame its cos of a filippin bug