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  1. HHfallback

    problems connecting to the forum

    if your logging in correctly,and ticking the "remember me" box then don't delete the site cookies after you visit ... your site options are stored in them/it if you got a cookie cleaner add this forum to its whitelist ... *think* this is a non-official magix site,so not supported by magix ..?? .. not 100% sure .. soon find out when a regular comes by and corrects me
  2. HHfallback

    order of SENDS AUX

    did it work for you? 50 sends is many! how so? .. you make single headphone mix for many orchestra member?
  3. HHfallback

    order of SENDS AUX

    i get you,i think the SEND you cannot change at top of mixer ... but return you can move .. but not advisable to do so,bad things happen later have you try:- delete the old returns (the SEND at top also delete) add new sends as you need rename new sends to best names ... the pluggins on any return can be saved,to recall later in new return with new name maybe this works?
  4. HHfallback

    problems connecting to the forum

    there should be option like "remember me" <- tick box at side ... should cure cookie in browser remember you then .. i not want test log out,i forget pass!
  5. nice thomas thanks defo need a rep button ..
  6. HHfallback

    Strange Sounds - Primitive Sounds

    nice ! ... keep nipping back to this thread to press play as i browse the forum
  7. thanks byxx will be looking into this soon
  8. Good point .. /subscribes to the thread
  9. HHfallback

    Trying to delete section of track: HELP ME

    bugger!,but im glad your feeling better,full recovery soon i hope taking easy for a little while then .. you were here all over Christmas and deserve a break,shame its cos of a filippin bug
  10. HHfallback

    Trying to delete section of track: HELP ME

    aha! you are still alive .. was wondering,checked your last logon yesterday was giving you a week then sending in the dogs ! cold innit
  11. HHfallback

    Cakewalk Revived?

  12. HHfallback

    Mercedes - Winterland | made in Samp!

    Hi Matt, nice work,she was born to work the camera shoulda got this out for December,missed the boat there maybe? being blind,old and stupid i read your studio name as "studio hell" thought you'd be all Ramstien
  13. its been a few weeks since ive had time to play with Sam, but one thing that blew me away was how configurable Sam controller settings are .. the amount of options you can assign to controls is staggering .. some controller options i never knew existed until i played with em,there's much more control over what does what than any other daw (only competition being AZslow`s custom controller/bugfix for sonar) at first mapping your controller seems bloody impossible to get your head round - honestly its really simple when you grasp the workflow,stick with it Sam breathed new life into my old hardware:- Tascam 1882 @ BCR2000 ... with so many options and templates i would be surprised if there's a controller that cant be configured in some way (they are basically a midi piano keyboard without the piano keyboard) there are a few whacky things with it (if something doesn't appear to be working right,save and reboot) but with a bit of thought you can get round em .. Terry has a wonderful tutorial on setting up controllers on his site,imo read that first...the manual is great help too (search mackie,has handy tips) ...
  14. HHfallback

    wings of my soul

    nice! got it on loop
  15. HHfallback

    Genial clouds

    kewl! love having something on while i check the boards