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  1. King Windom

    SpectraLayers Pro 4

    I got it to activate using the procedure offline activation. when you enter your serial no. the offline option appears, i followed the instructions in the form and it generated a code in my product page. Entered he code and the program activated. You do not need another computer to do this, Hope this helps someone. I will also post this to the other topic in the software topics. Dan
  2. King Windom

    SpectraLayers Pro 4

    Yes my version is the same 4.0.87. I also left a message in the software topics forum in case someone reading it has any ideas. If I figure anything out I will post. Dan
  3. King Windom

    SpectraLayers Pro 4

    OK add me to the list of people that cannot activate SpectraLayers Pro 4.0 . I have tried all I can think of, Run as Administrator, shutoff antivirus, stop as many things as I could. I uninstalled and ran the installer as admin, but it still freezes when I try to activate. I was able to register the product on line but that does not supply an activation code. Any Ideas would be great. I have sent a note to support. Dan
  4. King Windom

    Another Sonar Refuge

    Hi Folks. Yet another Sonar refugee since it has stopped pinging. I just purchased today (Merry Christmas to me) but with the holidays it may be a few days until I can install. Good to see some familiar faces here. Kraznet's videos will be a great help Thank You! Dan