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  1. tdor

    Vote for Samplitude

    How could Studio One become so popular in such a short time? What does it do better than others?
  2. tdor

    Installing Music Maker

    Windows S: https://www.howtogeek.com/305363/WHAT-IS-WINDOWS-S-AND-HOW-IS-IT-DIFFERENT/ "The biggest difference in Windows 10 S is that can only run apps downloaded from the Windows Store."
  3. Not clear: can you start Samplitude at all? Or can you start it and it does not show the update? Any messages during the install process? There is an option for "repair" btw. Do you have the correct file? Look online for "Patch_Samplitude_ProX3_Suite_14.4.0.518.exe" - download it and run it. Cheers, Thomas
  4. tdor

    ExportBridge (32 bit)

    Just for fun, I removed ExportBridge(32 bit) from the progr. dirc. and Sam runs with some complaining, I don't think it matters for performance.
  5. Did it work out for you? The last file often takes a little longer
  6. tdor

    Che Wah Wah delayed

    Try this: Option Y, go to Import/Export Settings and reload "Samplitude Pro X3 Standard.INZ"
  7. I tried this link: https://de.proxfree.com/permalink.php?url=s54aaHA%2FaGsaD5vHs0QZLcUclS%2FcUxrnNZwEMCiA0I9H7oOXrpZ9GNVcgUmmFiGTGAA27bdhxI02DYAwmOaYhGNKAQMFyv9UfZ7qnqadU9C31kXU83Vx1k8eWbhRMz6VZc8TaSJ%2Bilq5U9nLH3GPjSI6Mxfs0jXyZ%2Fouqp1X7dXb%2FBH8Q9kH3gnN8x1bc4m4g7nV1LngQfr6gRo6B0RKNd8LgSI%2FzJVZGSPZ2rsGYKBCj%2FlB5MmMjppTKnu5gafC&bit=1 not working anymore :-(
  8. Is there any update on this? Can I select midi controller data in the midi editor and move/nudge without moving notes? I find this to be an essential function. Thanks!
  9. Open the attachment. Check in the VSTi tab your instrument routing. 2018-05-01.zip
  10. AFAIK, VST is limited to 16 Midi Channels, only VST3 can handle more than 16 Midi Channels, but I don't see how this is fully supported in SAM Pro X 3. I tried VST3 plugins with another DAW and could use more than 16 midi channels per instance. I also think, that Independence is not a VST3 plugin anyways. The standalone version of Independence can handle up to 32 midi ports, each with 16 channels. Cheers, T.
  11. tdor

    BitMachine UI not showing up

    good news, thanks for the info - always enjoying your tutorial videos on youtube!
  12. tdor

    BitMachine UI not showing up

    Same here, UI won't load. Windows 10 EDU 64bit