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  1. tdor

    AM-Munition: open and cold?

    Before and after Blade Sounds demo please, we want to hear the difference now.
  2. tdor

    AM-Munition: open and cold?

    Is it Sascha who created the FishFillets plugins? http://digitalfishphones.com
  3. tdor

    Independence 3.6

    Thanks! Will enable this. On another note, I updated Windows to 1903 and this behavior was gone.
  4. tdor

    AM-Munition: open and cold?

    Get a Nakamichi Tapedeck from ebay, or a reel to reel machine, record from your DAW and bring it back it. Plugins are boring.
  5. tdor

    AM-Munition: open and cold?

    Vlad got that limiter, too: https://vladgsound.wordpress.com/plugins/limiter6/ Here a thread that may be interesting for you: https://www.gearslutz.com/board/so-much-gear-so-little-time/373765-diy-transformer-box-add-color.html Look at pre-amps with Transformers (Metric Halo), or the B2 Bomber ADC (Burl Audio), both use Jensen Transformer to add some mojo. Is there a plugin out there that simulates transformer sound? Edit 1: One wrote in the above linked thread " Transformers can do things like this: saturation, adding punch, overtone enhancment, phase shift, resulting in a more 3D sound, by letting the high frequencies later through the transformer...you can´t do this with plug-ins this great and natural." - that was March 2009 - no plugin like this on the market by now? Edit 2: WAVES advertising, but gives some useful explanations: https://www.waves.com/add-harmonic-distortion-for-analog-warmth
  6. tdor

    AM-Munition: open and cold?

    What do you think of Molot compressor by vladgsound?
  7. tdor

    Strange Sounds - Divine Prototype

    Those are some damn good samples then!
  8. tdor

    Strange Sounds - Divine Prototype

    BTW, I see your sample rate is a 96kHz, Independence Samplers are 44.1kHz 24 bit. Why use 96kHz? Makes only sense if you record at the sample rate.
  9. tdor

    Strange Sounds - Divine Prototype

    NIIIIIIIIIICCE, Independence is an awesome sampler, kinda underrated which is good for us Magixians
  10. tdor

    Strange Sounds - Divine Prototype

    great ambience, those are all sounds from Magix?
  11. tdor

    Final End - Rutger Hauer Tribute

    Damned! I had no idea he passed. My all time favorite movie. Thanks for posting, nicely done.
  12. tdor

    Independence 3.6

    Patrick, if it doesn't misbehave, just keep 3.3 - "Never change a running System" :-)
  13. tdor

    Independence 3.6

    There was no change log, visually it's the same, same manual, functions all the same. I think the update is for all Independent Versions, i.e, for Pro, and the one that comes with the Suite. What you get depends on your license. I updated to 3.6 with X3 Suite with no issues at all.
  14. tdor

    Stop at end of project

    @Factor, You can do this with "Ranges", select a range from start to end of your project, the play cursor will stop at the end of the range. You can define multiple ranges. Then there is also the option to define the length of your project in project properties, first tab "General"
  15. Be careful! Some of these files hold the data of your edits. For example edits on your audio file, or freeze data, etc. I have recently deleted a bunch of these files using Ultrasearch, then I reopened a VIP project and some edits were just gone. Safest way to clean up: Go to File -> Clean up -> Save complete VIP in... a folder of your choice. Open your file from within that new folder and check for errors. Then replace your original folder with this new one. Or, check what files the process copied, and delete all but those files from your original folder.