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  1. byxx

    ExportBridge (32 bit)

    Lets see, just switched it off in, Task manager. running on 64 samples buffer using a bit of freezing, too. Works okay so far!
  2. byxx

    ExportBridge (32 bit)

    Ah okay. Will try when it comes to more mixing stage. Using higher buffer at all then. Moment´s goal is MIDI and Audio Recording low buffer wise excluding all that might(!) be unnecessary... Thank you!
  3. Dear Community, I found something on a ExportBridge(32 bit) in the task manager. i run a 64bit SamPX3 Version. What does it do? I have the impression when I kill the process in the Task Manager the project runs more stable (crash etc.) THX for help BX
  4. Dear Community, Before really digging deeper into recording (Audio and MIDI) into larger MIDI Projects I would like to check some routines for making sure that single overdubbed Audio tracks are written in time to the audible playback´s performance. Of course in regard to Third Party Plug Ins. Usually I do a click check from headphones out to an input of my audio interface. I would look for the transients of the recorded click to be aligned on the visible grid in the arrangement window. Maybe you have some suggestions how to handle latency issues (if there are any) in SamPX3 while overdubbing track by track. Its been a while but I figured out that some DAWs alignment didn´t take care for the Master Plug Ins´ latency, so the recording was written offset for instance, which was annoying. If you know any dangers in that realm, I would be glad to hear about Sam/Seq-wise. THX BX
  5. byxx

    small playback drop outs

    sure, but we´re in composing process. MIDI input should work with a life feel (not too much latency), also a Good machine, dsp below 50% performance, disk at 1%... EDIT: I found a bit which seems to be helpful: Preferences > Extenden Buffer Settings > Preload Buffer 100% also I checked all the boxes in Performance Settings with the max amount of mymachine´s cores At the moment SamPX3 feels pretty stable, recording and low latency. I also did a bit of freezing. which reduced the amount of CPU Preformance, too What do you think of this? Maybe you have some sugestions for Software Monitoring Overdub sessions using MIDI and Audio in Sequoia to prevent crashes and let it run smooth THX
  6. hi, I amusing SamProX3 and I am playing back in 128 sample buffer mode I have some small audible drop outs here and there. DSP is around 40% Disk 1%, all good, I guess so far. Can I improve the playback issues with a setting somewhere for a recording session? What parameters should I check? THX
  7. Hi, when I move the pedal it reacts visually at once but very slowly with the audible results (about 1-2 seconds). Why? Buffer is 128 samples...
  8. byxx

    32 bit PlugIns / Samp ProX3

    will move the bridge .exe thingthang. THX!!!
  9. Hi, I have a not so big project using BFD3, Vienna Ensemble and Trillian for the basic arrangement. SampPX3 crashes here and there. So I am looking for some experience for those kind of things working straight in the DAW. One important thing might be: There is a 32 bit bridge in the task manager, although I went for 64 bit PlugIns only. To check back: -Does the 32 Bridge load up in any case or is it dependent on 32 PlugIns set up in the particular Project? Maybe I have to exchange some Plugs for the 64bit version. Where can you see the bit type of the used vst intruments in Samp? What is your experience with compositional projects aiming for best sound and mixing during the composition process to have proper sound (already mixed). I don´t intend too abstract workflows using lo profile instruments in the writing phase, just to keep performance low. So the Computer does pretty well so far: DSP 50%. Would you go for a server solution anyways. I try to solve everything in one machine right now. THX BX
  10. Hi, is there a good tutorial for using seq with VSL Ensemble Pro in particular? Thx
  11. byxx

    CD Playing time

    thats right I missed the CD Time setting. Thx!!
  12. byxx

    CD Playing time

    Okay, is there something to consider regarding the milliseconds in respect to rounding up or down? I would think the length without pauses (minus the initial 2 seconds is the correct CD full length value then, which I am actually looking for. I took the track length out of iTunes, which shows no dedicated complete CD length. Thanks very much Best BX)
  13. Dear Community, what is the best way to get the playing time from A CD out of Sequoia which will be shown in a consumer CD Player. THis information is needed for a booklet. Alternatively I have the masterfile here, too... Thx very much Best regards BX
  14. byxx

    Rewire Cubase and Sequoia

    Sounds cool, Thomas. Great tips !!! Thank you very much. Will try, no: DO! Cheers BX
  15. byxx

    Rewire Cubase and Sequoia

    Thx Thomas, but before spending much money, lets think it over. Every DAW uses MTC (sometimes LTC also) 1) Anybody experienced two interfaces on one computer, sync via MTC? 2) Two machines connected with MTC 3) There is a IAC Bussystem in Mac OSX where you cn run a MIDI Stream (MTC) from one DAW to the other and letting sync 2 or more software versions internally in one machine , as far as I remember. Maybe there is such a thing in the Windows Domain, too. The trick is to internally send and receive MIDI Information. Could work, would have to try. Regards BX