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  1. byxx

    Object MIDI Volume

    Dear Andrew, thanks for all your insight. I am a big fan of objects automation and object editor since as you describe it can give flexible solutions without touching the faders too much or having to handle automation lanes from an early point on. I am with you. Would you make a difference between object freeze and a track bounce of the object´s location (bounce in place)? I am asking as the object freeze data ist stored in a specific folder not in the audio file section. Maye there is something to consider in your experience. I would find it useful to use the freezed objects audio and keep the Freeze Data until the end of composing and mixing as it is a fast workflow. THX Best regards BX
  2. byxx

    Object MIDI Volume

    Dear Andrew, good to know. Did some track freezing already. BTW. What is the difference to a regular track bounce, which would you prefer? The Object freeze seems quite practical and fast to me. Does it have any disadvantages in the longer run of building up larger projects with lots of MIDI clips? --- I guess regular track automation over MIDI Objects, as I hear it here works as Volume, not Velocity, right? So You always speak about the MIDI Object´s volume Slider inside the clip, as I would understand it. Kraznet also showed some advanced settings to also control the Velocity in a MIDI track with the mixer´s faders and it´s automation. I have not really tried it out yet, but seems to be a pit fall to know about, anyways a good feature, of course. THX
  3. byxx

    Object MIDI Volume

    Thanks, Kraznet. Will work on track level.
  4. byxx

    Object MIDI Volume

    Dear Kraznet, you walk the object´s automation route, which will work of course. I thought more on the object´s velocity slider. Can I set this to Volume as it would work in the Audio Object...?
  5. Dear Community, How to control the volume of a MIDI clip? Other than Audio the objects level control adjusts the velocity not the volume. I tend to avoid track automation. MAybe there is a way to use the objects functionality. THX BX
  6. Dear Community, I am looking for key commands for the scrub to the right button in the transport window. Maybe there is a way to let the slow downed playback roll with a single key stroke also. At the moment, It is designed to run as long as you hold that button with the mouse in the default. THX BX
  7. Dear Georg, works like a charm. THX very much Tim
  8. Dear Community, somehow I lost the feature of enabling the symmetric check box in the fade editor (Seq13) Any help is welcome https://1drv.ms/u/s!AvsUnidvgWypiBqRivvw8oOZenNK Thx so much Best regards BX
  9. Dear Community, as you can see in the attached video, I am not able to set the Tempo Marker right on spot on the Bar line. How can I achieve that? Also the clip flips back to another position. The grid is set to Bars (the clip and the Tempo change marker therefore should lock right onto the grid line). It is the highest possible zoom in setting (sample level). A lot of other markers are set right on the gridline in the Bar View. This one does not work. Thx Best regards BX Seq_Tempo_Marker_To_Grid_Issue.flv
  10. HHfallback, see the edit above. I found a good solution BX
  11. Dear Community, For a larger project, I'd like to be flexible regarding tempo changes. How can I Insert / alter tempo changes later on without destroying the following alignment between midi and audio tracks? I can understand that MIDI Tracks change Tempo while Audio tracks don´t, but I would need to keep the alignment intact. It´s okay, when the audio tempo does not change. I show it in the video (see attachment): Tracks 4 and 5 are not in sync anymore when moving the tempo marker. You can see that MIDI and audio change differently in the time line and are no loger related as intended. I tried: -locking the clips -grouping them -same starting point of MIDI and Audio Clips with length change of the MIDI Clip -switching between Time (Hrs:min:secs) and Bar (1 bar/4 beats) View of the grid What could be a good practice here? Bx EDIT: I solved it with the Tempo Map Editor, You can lock MIDI, Audio and Markers with the individual checkboxes. This maintains the adjacent objects keeping them in Place on the grid. It seems to work in first attempts for my purposes. It gives you lot of combinations and individual settings for the tempo topic. Makes timing and alignment very flexible. Sequoia_Alignment.flv Solution_Tempo_map.flv
  12. Dear Community, after switching on / off the monitoring button in the track a VST PlugIn crashes repeatingly. Maybe there is a setting somewhere. EDIT: After I struggling and testing I switched the PlugIn, not a Samplitude Issue... THX Cheers BX
  13. Thanks, Phil! finding an empty spot is a woraround, sure... The mute method I tried, too, is not relyable, as you can see in the video. Even when you mute out the track before the export sometimes the audio tail is written into the master Watch here: https://my.hidrive.com/lnk/HAhJJfXX
  14. Dear Community, when I export a track it has the previously played sound right at the beginning. Some kind of buffer memory or so. What is a good setting to avoid this. THX Cheers BX
  15. Hi Phil, thanks so much! Tried that, forgot to mention that I have a stereo track with video. The video somehow gets out of sync then. Can I move the video speed in sync? THX again Cheers BX