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  1. Hi, is there a good tutorial for using seq with VSL Ensemble Pro in particular? Thx
  2. byxx

    CD Playing time

    thats right I missed the CD Time setting. Thx!!
  3. byxx

    CD Playing time

    Okay, is there something to consider regarding the milliseconds in respect to rounding up or down? I would think the length without pauses (minus the initial 2 seconds is the correct CD full length value then, which I am actually looking for. I took the track length out of iTunes, which shows no dedicated complete CD length. Thanks very much Best BX)
  4. Dear Community, what is the best way to get the playing time from A CD out of Sequoia which will be shown in a consumer CD Player. THis information is needed for a booklet. Alternatively I have the masterfile here, too... Thx very much Best regards BX
  5. byxx

    Rewire Cubase and Sequoia

    Sounds cool, Thomas. Great tips !!! Thank you very much. Will try, no: DO! Cheers BX
  6. byxx

    Rewire Cubase and Sequoia

    Thx Thomas, but before spending much money, lets think it over. Every DAW uses MTC (sometimes LTC also) 1) Anybody experienced two interfaces on one computer, sync via MTC? 2) Two machines connected with MTC 3) There is a IAC Bussystem in Mac OSX where you cn run a MIDI Stream (MTC) from one DAW to the other and letting sync 2 or more software versions internally in one machine , as far as I remember. Maybe there is such a thing in the Windows Domain, too. The trick is to internally send and receive MIDI Information. Could work, would have to try. Regards BX
  7. byxx

    Rewire Cubase and Sequoia

    Sure, I use the Axe FX Ultra, but I tend toward using VSTs for some stuff, keeping the sound design flexible longest possible. I think about a flexible solution DAW wise. Composing in Cubase, Audio/Mixing in Sequoia. Could be that it saves some performance rather doing everythin in one Program., regarding low buffer size and feel for the playing. The question might be to get a second computer to connect both worlds. I guess the syncing with MTC is not the problem. How would you stream Audio over? MADI or Ethernet (Dante, Ravenna etc). I like to work with different programs at least. Cubase and Sequoia is a good combination for me after a lot of testing. Its about composing and best quality mixing/mastering myself. Just switched over more to the PC world to set this up. So its a bit of trial and error here... Cheers BX
  8. byxx

    Rewire Cubase and Sequoia

    Okay, thought about setting up in one computer. I like the vandal. Plan B is setting up two machines, synced via MTC. ALso for mixing in Sequoia, bringing the audio over over time from Cubase. Before going that route: Is it possible to run two Audio Interfaces on one machine and sync them via MTC: Interface 1: Cubase Interface 2: Sequoia Something like this? THX Cheers BX
  9. byxx

    Rewire Cubase and Sequoia

    oh no THX very much!!
  10. byxx

    Rewire Cubase and Sequoia

    Propellerhead provides Rewire. A client that connects 2 DAWs and snycs them. I have no experience with Sequoia here, but it seems it uses Rewire. My question is more how Rewire itself is setup in Seq. It should be realtime for recording and composing purposes. BTW: Connecting two interfaces on one computer. Interface1 uses Cubase, Interface 2 Sequoia. Syncing both Interfaces with MTC. WIll that work properly? THX Best regards BX
  11. Dear Community, How to rewire Cubase and Sequoia? thinking also about transferring Audio into Sequoia from Cubase in a multitrack audio stream. My main question at the moment is the perfect timecode syncing of Sequoia and Cubase. The manual talks about implementing instruments, not syncing two DAWs THX Best BX
  12. byxx


    Dear Community, I´d love to use Sequoia syncing to Cubase. How to rewire? Do you think its possible to transfer virtual tracks into Sequoia online and in realtime? THX Best BX