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  1. there we go etc. THX so much!! regards BX
  2. Hey Thomas, great. Worxx! but don´t find any in the key command assignments... THX BX
  3. Dear Commuity, did some search but, is there a shotcut for the calculate and other buttons in the spectral cleaner (Where to find?) THX BX
  4. byxx

    Samplitude Pro X4 Videos by Kraznet

    Dear Kraznet, as always many thanks for your work! Using SampX4: What I don´t really get is the different aspects of object automation and lane automation. I tried to target lane automation with my hardware controllers, but was not fortunate. I use these with Vienna Instruments for example. The HW Controller is (by default) written into the object automation (not the lanes) in my project. I know that you can export the object automation into the lanes, but there seems to be no way back then. (My idea: You might edit in the lanes or make real time cc overdubs or so, - you showed the new auto generated 4 point curve method inside a range, which would be nice to use in the automation lanes) Here is some questions I ran into: - Can I choose the target (Lanes OR object automation) for the hardware controller data ? - Where can I assign the Lane automation to be read from the Vienna Instruments in retrospect. - I figured out that I can couple the lane automation to their objects with the Link all track to the right mode. Is there a overall setting to couple lane automation to objects? At the moment it seems to me that lane and object automation are not interchangeable in editing and targeting, AFAIK. THX!! BX
  5. byxx

    Sequoia -MIDI - CC Overdub

    Good point, makes the personal DAW use relative. I guess we meet at the stems in the states, too... agnostic...(here means?)
  6. byxx

    Sequoia -MIDI - CC Overdub

    Dear Tdor, could you elaborate on that. Tried to delete portions of a cc curve, but was not lucky so far: I stretched out some inner portion of a cc curve. but I can´t delete it, AFAIS...Like the punch in/out idea, sure!! We talk about the midi editor (not the lanes), right?! Best BX
  7. byxx

    Are sales usually in September?

    Cielspacing, if you have a closer look at the functionality of samplitude the overall approach is pretty advanced audio-wise. Built in spectral cleaning and mighty Object Editor with on track functionality (no export, nor additional tracks etc) is deep, when you meditate over it. You need to find some other workflows as we all know some of this or some of that DAW and compare our experience. e.g. I am new to the MIDI Department in Samplitude, starting out with lot of questions. I can say that a helpful mix of community, trial and error and RTFM lead to intended results. I am observing myself falling into clicheé thinking of switching to the more spread or officially "common" DAWs in the Industry (whatever that is). one good thing is getting quick assistance here by experienced users, who do a lot. Take the time and dig in a bit. I am personally aiming @ using a dedicated and respected mastering software multitrack- and MIDI-wise, not to bad for me...At least we all meet at the mix, if you take part in the whole process. You might try switching over slightly or checking things out, take time. You could try combining "your" DAW and Samplitude with rewire (one machine) or MTC (two machines) etc. keeping the flow. Remember the MIDEX era? Wonderful ( + cpu distribution) Amen BX
  8. byxx

    Are sales usually in September?

    getting best of both worlds is possible though
  9. byxx

    Are sales usually in September?

    Cool idea and beautiful collage, indeed. how to sync machines, running different software? Audio Streaming with AVB, whole thing just needs synchronisation via a clock, not sure if AVB carries a clock signal. 1 Ethernet cable, bupp. getting best out of fav´d DAWs
  10. byxx

    Are sales usually in September?

    yep, the wisdom lies in the accceptance of restrictions in any DAW, but I personally would loose some old demons in retrospect, I guess. My approach is the overall audio structure in Seq/Samp to consider it, checking and approving the MIDI department a bit. Of course, some hop for inspiration is great, not losing the overall thread of getting it done quick and finally. At least I think more native engine days, they are acoming.
  11. byxx

    Samplitude Schulung im Rheingebiet

    bitte auch einen composer workshop mit MIDI Schwerpunkt checken. Orchestration mit Sequoia würde einen breiten Weg von der kreativen Komposition bis zum finalen Mix in einer DAW zeigen. Viele DAWs sind hier nicht vollständig. Besonders MIDI Controller sind essentiell bei Orchester Libraries wie VSL etc. Entscheidend sind dann schnelle Workflows (z.B. Sichtbarkeit von Spuren mit Objekten in einem Bereich usw) Wäre interessant
  12. byxx

    Are sales usually in September?

    I know. came a long way. The forum has something to it as well here.
  13. Been a while to see it, but still valid and actual information. Great, Kraznet! Feeling honored with this special personal edition tut. THX so much!!
  14. byxx

    Midi Issue

    can you show a screenshot?