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  1. Dear Community, which real world equivalents of some suggestions below would you see in the effect cataloge of Seq/Samp? Its not about getting the exact same modeling, more about discussing the characteristics for creating stock effect chains in Seq/Samp. Please, the thread should not become a comparison real world replica or not. I would be interested in building up my chains with internal fx. So, just to have some anchor points, which seq/samp effects would you assign closest to some of these analogue beautys: Pultec MEQ5Fairchild 660/670API - EQsNEVE - EQs SSL EQsRetro Sta - LevelLA-3ALA-2ASummit TL 100APultec EQP-1a1176 Blue Stripe1176 BlackFace THX
  2. Ah alright. Where do the repeatingly undo´ ed audio-objects re-appear then? Just good to know to check a workflow on that and to bring back aligned and already editied audio as far as possible, in case. Here, I made a backup Project. THX BX
  3. byxx

    Reopen altered Take Composer

    Dear Kraznet, THX so much! I see. Given, I would import additional audio-objects onto empty revolvertracks in the project´s Arrange-Window (is it called like this?) and then open a fresh take composer. It will show all the tracks of the parental tracks then, each time I reopen TakeComposer, right? Cheers BX --------------- UPDATE: Besides recorded objects I can use imported ones as well from the project track "seen" in the TakeComposer, I guess. My thought is to save the edits in the TC and commence with edits later on.
  4. Dear Community, I deleted a track accidently, which contained revolvertracks. After undo the revolvertracks got lost. I have Backups, okay, but don´t they recover with the track in a Undo? THX BX
  5. Dear Community, after opening the takecomposer on a vocal track I added several tracks in the take composer aand imported audio. Then the take composer was saved as Vip and I closed it. After reopening the Take Composer VIP it is not recognized as Takecomposer, but works in the normal multitrack default behaviour (monitoring all tracks). The parenting project itself opens a new take Composer showing only the tracks, it contains, while not having added my additional takeComposer tracks that now only occur in the newly created take composers VIP. So the take composer changes have not been recognized by the origin project. How can I make sure, that the take composer changes can be saved and reopend from the parenting projects track? or: How can I implement the new TakeComposer.VIP back into the parental project to be used again with comp mode etc.. THX BX PS: You see it in the attachment, that the reopened take composer.VIP is not attached any more to the project it stems from. No comp mode possible etc.The Tracks containing blue clips have been added and shall be used for further editing, when I reopen the take composer.
  6. Hey Terry, I try not to move plugs too much, but may be I am wrong. I have spotted some locations which are pretty common and add these to Sequoia/ Samp. This practice on the other side leads to doublings of some PlugIns, which is not ideal for the look of the menues, too. Sometimes you see a Plugin inside a company folder plus an additional "(VST3)" Version in the pop ups etc. When I am really sure about deleting, I barely delete Plugs from a folder manually. After all the 3rd party Windows System feels a bit dated. Too many folders/locations/bit-Versions etc to have an eye on. I added Seq/Samp production to my DAW choices being experienced longer in OSX and have to dig in on best possible plugin-management more over time. THX BX
  7. Windows installers do some strange things and place plugins to a lot of locations. Some companies even recommend the Common Files Folder and place VST2/VST3 here by default. But there is no overall standard, I guess. X4 does it good for now. However, manual replacement and search of 3rdParty-PlugIns seems to be a regular task in 21st century music production. I have to admit that these amounts of organisation never ocurred in OSX trying to get the best out of WIN. THX BX
  8. Dear Community, tried a bit, but how to copy a track with revolvertracks? THX BX
  9. Dear Community, can I find this tool from Sequoia also in SampX4 in the loudnessmeter area, too? THX BX
  10. Dear Terry,. I have a VST2 Folder in Applications>Common Files>...etc. It does not matter as I upgraded to X4 where you can customize VST Folders in the preferences manually My question for x3 would point to informations how to customize PlugInFolders incdependent of Samps internal assignments if there were restrictive choices from the DAW only THX BX.
  11. Dear Community, where to assign the correct Plugin folders? The VST2 Plugin Folder is not assigned properly, where Melodyne is to be found after its installation.. Does Samplitude loose the ARA Melodyne Plugin when I work on in the project without the previously loaded ARA/Melodyne when I resave? I already did Melodyne editing a lot in the project. It got lost after several crashes. THX BX
  12. byxx

    SamX3 - invisible Velocity

    Dear Kraznet, always a pleasure to hear from you. THX for your superb help! Best regards BX
  13. Dear Community, at the moment I cant see any Velocity values. How to make them visible? Thx for help. Best regards BX
  14. Dear Community, what is a quick way to automatically Export a Stereo to a target level of -23 LUFS. Maybe a good idea to give it a key command, too. I have several audio snippets here to be exported individually regarding EBU r128 THX BX