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  1. Sometimes i hear clicks and pops when eFX_Reverb is engaged in a track, almost like what you would hear

    with a Spring Reverb, it is quite annoying as it happens as the track or sample comes to an end.


    This is Samplitude Pro X3 i am using.  There is no information or help dialogue about the tool settings

    in this Reverb plugin regarding Tweak and eFX_Globals.  Is pre-delay doing this, these clicks and pops

    i hear.

  2. i'm a long time samplitude user, but i have never known how to move all objects in a track along with the volume and pan curves.

    what i want to do is extend my project track, so it's much longer (ie a 10 min track to a 16 min track), but what i want is to move

    everything i have recorded along with volume & pan curves to end of track, so i have 5 or 6 mins to record at beginning, instead of

    adding more tracks to projects.    how do i  move all objects and curves at same time. because if i do a CTRL+A (select all objects)

    and move them, the volume & pan curves remain where they are!


    any help appreciated.