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  1. Happy Mike

    VST3 support

    You can change the extension of the vst3 plugin to dll and then it will be seen as vst2 plugin example: Surge.vst3 => Surge.dll
  2. Happy Mike

    Strange Sounds - War Pigs

    @Johnny BladeI had to fix the mix, now it's the final version.
  3. Happy Mike

    Strange Sounds - War Pigs

    @Johnny Blade indeed
  4. My 6th album, which was composed in Samplitude with built-in instruments. https://strangesoundssilesia.bandcamp.com/album/cinematic-stories-ii https://choon.co/albums/0yvjhhjkdbj/cinematic-stories-ii
  5. Happy Mike

    Strange Sounds - Divine Prototype

    Theoretically, all my additional samples are at 96kHz 32BIT, I guess so Independence supports these samples.
  6. Happy Mike

    Strange Sounds - Divine Prototype

    @tdor Yes I used only built-in plugins and one external "The Haunted Toy" which was free. I created an additional 26 GB samples for the Independence sampler, that's how it sounds.
  7. Happy Mike

    Strange Sounds - The Story Begins

    @Johnny Blade of course, but almost everything is online now My Music