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  1. I'm new in ProX 4. Before I used 11 pro. Now got some small problems and questions: 1. Can I resize the whole window, it seems too large for my screen? 2. Transport window is locked. How can I unlock it? It was comfortable to move it sometimes to different area. 3. I have a lot of 32 bit plugins and those are working, at least what I tested quickly. Will work the program with 32 bit plugins? 4. When I try to load VSTI instrument, Kontakt, Addictive drums etc., it appears, but I have a message: activate Asio driver, and Asio monitoring while my soundcard Asio is activated. I can't hear any sound from instruments, even with 64 bit Kontakt. Will the program work with 32 bit VSTI? Same message, when I load the built in instruments, Vita for example, but here I can hear the sound. What's the problem?
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    Some new problems in ProX 4

    Thanks, Thomas!
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    Some new problems in ProX 4

    Thanks. First three problems are solved. But I'm tweaking with VSTI problem still. Yes I tried everything with Asio settings and monitoring. Strange things. When I load the built in Vita, same message appears, ignored it and Vita works. After this I change to anoter stuff, say Addictive drums, it works too, but after some manipulations it stopped again, mean no voice and visually nothig also. I will dig deeper to tutors about Sam and VSTIs.