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  1. Hello! I want to automate volume of multiple tracks, need them quieter in some parts of the song, but keeping the proportions. Is that possible and how to do it? Thanks in advance.
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    Automatization of multiple tracks

    It's a really helpful article. Thanks again! Cheers. Gabor
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    Automatization of multiple tracks

    Thanks Terry! Will dig in.
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    Automatization of multiple tracks

    Let me to explain in more detail my question. Say, I have a vocal track and arrangement tracks with few instruments. At some point I want to be quieter arranging, when the vocal is quieter, but I don't want increase the vocal volume. In this case I have to decrease the volume of the others. I think this is possible with some AUX bus game, sending others to one AUX and automate the AUX volume. But how much volume should I set, when I assign AUX to tracks on this small yellow or orange fader under aux in track editor. 0 Db? And when I decrease the volume of AUX, the volume of assigned tracks remaines the same. Generaly this is question for me in other cases also, when I playing with AUX. The AUX problem is frustrating for me a bit. Pre vs. post, volumes etc. Or maybe I can export the whole arranging tracks to one Wav, import it to another project with vocal track and automate the arranging track as one? In this case I can't improve the mix of the arranging. I would be grateful for any advice.
  5. Hello! I have two vocal tracks, what I want to blend, each other with volume automation. When I increase volume of one, I want to decrease volume of the other simultaneously. With real mixer it can be done simply, since that moving two faders at the same time. But in the DAWs mixer I can move just one fader in the same time. Or I can linking two faders, but they will move in one direction. So, is there any way to move linked faders in opposite directions. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  6. Sorry! Forget to share the answer. As I see, this could be interesting for others. Small, but pretty useful feature sometimes.
  7. I'm new in ProX 4. Before I used 11 pro. Now got some small problems and questions: 1. Can I resize the whole window, it seems too large for my screen? 2. Transport window is locked. How can I unlock it? It was comfortable to move it sometimes to different area. 3. I have a lot of 32 bit plugins and those are working, at least what I tested quickly. Will work the program with 32 bit plugins? 4. When I try to load VSTI instrument, Kontakt, Addictive drums etc., it appears, but I have a message: activate Asio driver, and Asio monitoring while my soundcard Asio is activated. I can't hear any sound from instruments, even with 64 bit Kontakt. Will the program work with 32 bit VSTI? Same message, when I load the built in instruments, Vita for example, but here I can hear the sound. What's the problem?
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    Some new problems in ProX 4

    Thanks, Thomas!
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    Some new problems in ProX 4

    Thanks. First three problems are solved. But I'm tweaking with VSTI problem still. Yes I tried everything with Asio settings and monitoring. Strange things. When I load the built in Vita, same message appears, ignored it and Vita works. After this I change to anoter stuff, say Addictive drums, it works too, but after some manipulations it stopped again, mean no voice and visually nothig also. I will dig deeper to tutors about Sam and VSTIs.