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  1. I have several groups (mostly strings, 75 & 76 ) that report as corrupt, anyway not to down load the whole thing all over again?
  2. BongoSamp

    Midi input issues.....

    I should mention this happens with both included VSTs and 3rd party ones.
  3. BongoSamp

    Midi input issues.....

    I have my Casio PX-5S hooked up to a USB 2 port on the motherboard, and am using the Magix Low Latency 2016 driver with ASIO buffer 2048 and Vip buffer 16,384 on a i700 4200 mhz 32 gig fast ram and a AMD 480 8 gig GPU with 512 SSD and 14 TB fast spinners, windows 10 PRO. My issue is that to get the midi input to work right (input from key board) I have to record a few seconds before I start input or I get a memory error. Once I have 1 or 2 seconds recorded (basically blank) I can then edit in the midi editor with no problem. I have to do this with every take. Any solution?
  4. Just thought I'd add to this old thread as there is now both an install and remove button in the preferences tab. Just in case someone was searching for the answer and this popped up.