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  1. Sunbreak Music

    Oldtimer's ears and bad habits?

    I have a shortcut to kill my monitor. I'm in the camp that says you can't listen and look at the same time with equal intensity, and sight wins.
  2. Sunbreak Music

    My track, "Convergence"

    Thanks for checking it out. :-)
  3. Sunbreak Music

    My track, "Convergence"

    Some composition done in Ableton, but mixed in Samp, final touches in Sequoia. You can listen in HD for a better experience. Hope ya' dig it,
  4. Sunbreak Music

    Harmony Improvisator/samplitude

    My question in the midi section regarding midi generating plugs was in reference to this--so thanks very much!
  5. Sunbreak Music

    Sequoia/lynx Drivers

    Hi Michael, For external monitoring, you'll need to use ASIO drivers. I'm using the latest set on the Lynx site (I think it's 15b), but some have used their beta 15c with solid results. I leave mine at 512 for the cards, 1024 for the VIP.
  6. Sunbreak Music

    Renaming Asio Devices

    I recommend opening a project, changing them, then closing out of the project. There have been times when I thought "saving" the project was enough, only to do something that caused a crash and wiped them out. It's a PIA for 32 channels.