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  1. Juan2005

    Office in Latin America

    Hello Magix. Do you plan to open an office in Latin America? in countries like Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Chile or Argentina?? Thank for your reply. Regards
  2. Juan2005

    Can Sam.Pro.8 load a video file?

    Thanks Kraznet. Well, the steps what you told me to can edit audio from a movie in Smplitude, works fine, moths ago I see that feture when I was exploring Magix Movie Edit Pro and I saw that feature at time to export video with .mvx extension, but it toke time in render the video. And always I try to economize time at moment to end a project. Thanks again! Regards, Juan
  3. Hello, few days ago, I want to create a trailer for a movie, the loops must to be acording to video, and acording at scene changes. Combine suitably sound with video. But I CAN'T load any video from any extesion (avi, mpg1-2, mov, etc) just only extract the sound from a video with extension *.avi and no more! I tried Acid Pro 6, and really I can load the movie (audio and video in their respectuve track), I wanted do the soundtrack for the trailer in Sam.Pro.8, but I discovered that main limitation. I would get viewpoints and helps from your, plz Thanks
  4. Juan2005

    Sam8.x and dual cores?

    Yes, SamPro 8.x cans run PC with dual core processor and bets on server with two processor with dual cores each one. I have a single 64 bit processor and SamProv 8.0 run fine. Luck!!!
  5. Juan2005

    Comparative Comments?

    Well I used both Wave Lab 5.01b and Samplitude Professional 8.0, and I've seen what SP8 is more powerfull in many features (the prices says much) Wave Lab 5 is some same to Sound Forge 8, but WL has more visual features to see the sound in real time than SF8 hasn't many developed Well, with SP8, I've edited 21 soundtracks to DVD (music in live), each track was edited separatly and all ran at same time, so I could see the difference and variations of sound in each song located in differect track and give, improvise or clear effects and values' volume. That project could be made in Acid Pro 5, but I tried use SP8 and got it! the mixer in Samplitude Professional 8, is impresionat and more helpfull than in AP5. Well, alreay I gave you my personal viewpoint, You have the final decision. luck!
  6. Juan2005

    Recommended Mobo and Processor

    Jeffrey, you wellcome Well i'm working with audio and video since augost 2001, And I know what is the btter for my job, I was to consuling to master in hardware, who have helped me much. The 4 bassic elemts to get full power in your job is: a good Processor (cache, Ghz, etc) a good lot of Memory a Mainboard compatible 100% with processor and a Good configuration of all Juan
  7. Juan2005

    Recommended Mobo and Processor

    Well, I recommend for Samplitude Professional. 8.x a processor AMD Athlon 64/FX (single or dual core of 2.2 GHz or higer), 2.2 GHz RAM or higer and MSI K8N Neo 4-F Mainboard REALLY I've tested Sam. Pro. 8 in my PC (AMD Athlon 64/FX 2.2 GHz and 2.2 GHz RAM) and Sam. slides like on the snow Luck in your job!! Cherrs Juan
  8. Well, the quality sound between Sam. and Seq. is wich Sequia 8 is "High Definition Digital Audio Workstation" and Samplitude Pro 8 is "The Master of Pro Audio" and of course Seq. has many more features wich Sam. hasn't it http://www.samplitude.com/de/ifo_ov_fs_seq.htm Only I had tried with Sam. Pro 8.0, and answer at your question about audio engine; Sam. and Seq. was builted with "Pascal Language" but Seq. is very more detailed, more precise, more perfected and more developed than Sam. Juan
  9. Juan2005

    Sell Sequoia 8 (BOX) to South America?

    Always I knew what Sam. and Seq. requires a Dongle, I thought what when a user buy a original copy from very far from U.S. or Germany, the user cans download the software more one code unlocker for unlock the first code sent by the company like in other cases. Thaks for your reply, Ben
  10. I live in Peru, South America, and here in Peru, unfortunelly few people knows about Samplitude and Sequoia. I Iwould like know if possible buy first by internet and receive at home or at some address the software in its own box. Or only buy by internet and downlad by internet all the software. Some help? or suggestion please. Juan
  11. Hello Ben. Really I don't knew what Sequoia had version 5 I've been using Samplitude, since the version 5.12, when "s'ked" was owner it. but wel, every day one to learn some new luck Ben !
  12. Ben, With wich versions you have worked of Samplitude or Sequoia? Juan
  13. Yes, we know what "Samplitude Professional" 8 and "Sequoia 8" has many many features in commun, but Sequoia has 10 features than Samplitude hasn't it. The main differrence is in the prices both softwares, Sam. = 1,000 Dollars and Seq. = 3,000 Dollars I would like to know your viewpoint between Samplitude and Sequia (Of cuorse you have been work widely with both) Juan
  14. Juan2005

    help with moving files in V8 classic

    Nice! Very philosophical! Can I qoute you on that? Of course the royalty cheques will apply .... After love to "Samy 8" I love this forum. And thanks for your precise and heplfull quotes! Juan