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  1. Brian Cadoret

    Short Samp Tutorials

    Very useful remote control tip thanks Kraznet.
  2. Brian Cadoret

    How do I automate master buss EQ?

    Hi, If your using Samplitude Pro X right click on the RD above the master sliders this gives you the option "Show Master Track in Arranger" this creates a new Master Track in the VIP arranger window where you can record changes on volume,pan EQ etc . Unfortunately Samplitude Music Studio 2013 or range doesn't have this option. I've tried this with Sam Pro X Silver which does have the option. Regards Brian
  3. Brian Cadoret

    Samplitude silver cloud

    Hi Dave There is a topic over at KVR Audio forums with a link to Samplitude Pro X Silver and Cloud. http://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=5300076 Regards Brian
  4. Brian Cadoret

    Audio Midi Sync

    Hi Basically the audio recorded in Music Studio MX uses your soundcard 'clock source' for synchronization not the midi clock. So over time the audio will drift away from the midi as they are using different clock sources. MTC uses a time stamp code SMPTE (hours:minutes:seconds:frames) for both sources which locks the two together and also allows you to stop/start at any point in the recording. Regards Brian
  5. Brian Cadoret

    Audio Midi Sync

    Hi What software are you syncing Magix Studio MX to. Magix Studio MX has Midi Time Code MTC which would be a better option if your master source can send MTC. Regards Brian
  6. Brian Cadoret

    iZotope Nectar Elements

    Hi A nice plugin addition to Samplitude Music Studio 2013 I've been trying is iZotope Nectar Elements. Account holders at XLN Audio can download Nectar Elements and Peavey Revalver HPse free of charge for a limited time. Regards Brian
  7. Brian Cadoret

    Samplitude Pro X Track Editor

    Thanks Kraznet......doh! it was there all the time in Default workspace just not looking. Cheers Brian
  8. Hi, I'm trying out the Samplitude Pro X trial. I was wondering if it's possible to add the Track Editor shortcut to the 'button bar' at the bottom part of the screen. I know it has a keyboard shortcut and menu item. Samplitude 11.5 Producer has this feature which is a lot quicker for hiding the Track Editor when not needed. Thanks Brian
  9. Brian Cadoret

    General Midi Patch Names

    Hi I know this has been touched on before in the past just wondering if things have been implemented in Samplitude Producer. I need to change the names of the General Midi patch names which pop up when choosing a midi program change. Not needing to create a new patch list but just simply rename the entries. Wondering if the text/script file for that is accessible or is it embedded in the program files somewhere. Cheers!
  10. Brian Cadoret

    Samplitude MS15 Opens but inaccessible

    Hi Maybe Samplitude is pinned to the taskbar on startup, here's a link that may help you particually the last tip. http://superuser.com/questions/128002/get-program-that-is-stuck-under-task-bar-in-windows-7 Regards Brian
  11. Brian Cadoret

    Samplitude SE -- where to find latest version?

    Hi The latest edition of Computer Music has Samplitude 11 Silver (SE) on the cover DVD. Although there are limitations it's still very usable. Regards Brian
  12. Brian Cadoret

    Samplitude 11 producer!

    Hi The trial of Producer 11 is here, http://www.magix.com/uk/free-downloads/tri...trial-versions/ answers all questions. Brian
  13. Brian Cadoret

    Midi Mixer

    Hi I'm using a Roland external hardware synth for recording midi tracks. Is there a dedicated 'midi mixer' on Samplitude for mixing volume pan changes etc or is it a matter of going into the midi editor and changing values there. Even a VST midi volume plugin? Regards Brian Cadoret
  14. Brian Cadoret

    Asio 2.0 Not Loading

    Hi After deleting drivers and entries for soundcard in the registry it loads up fine now Thanks for your replies. Brian Cadoret
  15. Brian Cadoret

    Asio 2.0 Not Loading

    Hi Yes I have uninstalled and reinstalled the latest drivers for the card. Brian Cadoret