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  1. Hello all!, The manual seems to imply that if you import a wav into a VIP and then create a copy of that object ( say in the next lane below) that both will stream data from the first wav through both strips in the mixer. In other words there should be no reason to import the wave again for other track , correct?? TX
  2. flatfinger

    Sidechain Compression / Ducking ?

    I think that article you linked is about parallel compression. I's a good article though. Nomenclature ; I think the term they choose to describe the technique in there is a bit off.
  3. flatfinger

    Short Samp Tutorials

    Keep yours eyes open for the next issues. Eric James will have a regular column in SoS with Samplitude/Sequoia tips and tricks. Best regards from Germany Steve que's fanfare track.............. YES!!!
  4. flatfinger

    Short Samp Tutorials

    Kraznet: One of the things that has suprized me about the samp world is the lack of books and videos for supplimenting the often acedemic manuals . Thanks for the vids!!! You should consider producing a commercial offering (book , or vid) . I'm not saying print 10k or any thing , but there is a need. Question for all >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> how come sound on sound has almost monthly articles on SONAR but nada for tips and tricks on samp ?????????????