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  1. dr.funk

    Cage Match

    Im stuck using everything from Final Cut to Premiere to nuendo to samplitude because of all of them not doing everything..which sucks, but is probably for the best. My go to is Sequoia / Samplitude for my own personall work or when I get called into something and they ask me my daw of choice.
  2. KVR.... the funk lying under a rotted 50 gallon barrel lost in a toxic dump land fill over a sacred indian burial site... but thats just my opninion.
  3. dr.funk

    Why Doesn't Magix Post Audio Examples?

    Too bad you arent in chicago. I could do a demo on PT HD 3 vs. Sequoia 10 and you could see if samplitude is right for you. IM upgrading my setup and getting into some serious projects including a pbs tv show and some future work with Stevie WOnder if all goes well...and Ill be using Sequoia for it all. Also I am still trying to wet MAgix's ear about me and my production partner Bill Dickens (myspace.combillthebuddhadickens ) about doing clininc at Guitar Centers usig Samplitude and Sequoia. Big Question..yeah most people will come out to see Billy, but would you stay if we did demo's of samplitude and Sequoia?
  4. dr.funk

    Still Trying To Post On Sampy Forum

    I think you have to re-register?? I cant remember, but yeah it kinda sucks how its done.
  5. dr.funk

    Any Ex Cubase Or Sonar Users?

    I would love to be able to color faders according to groups.
  6. dr.funk

    Any Ex Cubase Or Sonar Users?

    Hi John, Welcome to the forums here. The first thing thats different : when you double click on a wav file in other programs it would take you to a sample editor of sorts. Samplitude takes you to the object editor. This is the first difference. Whats the object editor? This is where you apply effects and make certain changes to the OBJECT wich is the container for said wav file. its very easy to apply effects and fades to onjects..these are seperate from the overall track itself. This is not as easy in oher hosts...a pain in the ass in some. Yes Samplitude does have a sample editor, but I prefer to just zoom out and still view the entire project now. Crossfade editor is on another level here. I think they thought like a remixer or dj here..very intuitive. There isnt a fx rack for vsti's pre se, like in other hosts. I dont mis it too much. You get a manager wich controls a lot of daily functions in samplitude..markers, audio routing, vst routing.. its kinda taken from some office type programs but here it works very well and I want SAM-DEV to develop it even more. The remix agent and Audio Quantize and Midi Quantize options are all here and They work very well. Elastic Audio..No need for Roalnds V-Vocal technology here. I would suggest downloading the demo and trying it out. Have fun and welcome!
  7. dr.funk

    Manging Plug Ins

    I think it has to do wth waveshell. Out of curiosity...why dx vs. vst for waves. is dx a better option at that point? I know that dx plugs kinda installed where they pleased for me so at leasting having all my vst in a main folder is nice. I make my own sub folders for vsti's and synth styles and what not. but still seeing them when after you install...it migh be time to clean the ini file. there might be traces of waves in that.
  8. dr.funk

    ? From A Potential New User

    Note : The next MAJOR update to Kontakt 3 will be 64 bit. Emualtor X 3 is already 64 bit. Its coming along..slowly but comong along. Once I update after this little tour I do next week. Im going to dual boot between Server 2003 and 2008 both 64 bit versions. The transistion is slow, but worth the wait.
  9. dr.funk

    ? From A Potential New User

    Yes it does work under a 64bit host. I have used XP X64 / Vista X64 and Sercer 03 and 08 64 Bit editions. I have decided upon Server 2003 64 bit for now with my setup. All is cheeky. Samp can access up to 4 gigs of ram under a 64bit environment. It is not Able to access more then that yet. But thats why we can freeze our tracks. AND you can edit frozen parts. UNlike Cubase or Nuendo. Sam-Dev IS testing certain Vista features with Sampliquoia right now so you can bet that Vista 64 is on the test bed too. I myself could care less about a 64bit mix engine ( re: Sonar ) But the memeory addressing for large vsti's is an important factor for me.
  10. dr.funk

    How Is Vista Ultimate 64 Bit?

    It will install. And you'll be able to use it. Oh, AND it will address 4 gigs of ram. You can buy vista retail OR oem. install and not activate for 60 days, so you can sell it later if it doesnt pan out.
  11. dr.funk

    Where To Put Plugins?

    Its actually pretty simple you can go ahead and create a vst folder in c: drive. Right along with programs, windows..blah blah. I leave it on C drive to keep things simple. My C drive is a 250 wich Is big enough for now. Some plugins with libraries need the library in the same folder as the dll file itself..but these types of plugins are starting to get old. other times of you install a plugin before you install a host it will create a vst folder inside a steinberg folder...you could just rename steinberg to "the better choice" or what have you.
  12. dr.funk

    Samplitude Virus?

    Most interesting. Was your issue only the magix exe's or others. FOr me powerpoint got "corrupted" but not reason..interesting things like that..
  13. dr.funk

    Samplitude Virus?

    GAEL or something like that seems to be the "name" of the virus. Affects a bunch of exe's. Now..theres a "malicious" software removal tool update from M$ that gets rid of these, but..IM not 100% convinced that these are viruses. Just becasue M$ tells me. and yes it kills Sampy and Sequoia exe's so a re-install is needed.
  14. StompIO is a monster! Destroys those old bob bradshaw switching systems and them old digitech foot controllers from back in the day.
  15. dr.funk

    Vst Effects Management In Sampro 10

    Jeese, I havent seen or used a dx effect in...well....a while Howdy Neighbor...is that how Mr. Rogers did it? or Hello boys and girls? Or something like that..Or was that mr. robinson from saturday night live? early 80's..eddie murphy.
  16. dr.funk

    Vst Effects Management In Sampro 10

    Not really required, but a tab in the manager to show plugins used? maybe be able to export as a text file? I can kinda see this when going from studio to studio, but thats about it...not major. Elgin? Dang! Im a Southsider residing in northern cook county.
  17. IK's stuff is pretty nice. Samplemoog is really cool and the ampeg svx is good for overdriven bass tones. I'd like to see an update to T-Racks. maybe they have something in the works.
  18. dr.funk

    Any Ex Cubase Or Sonar Users?

    I was watching the video from "channel 9" I think, its an interview with 2 people from Cakewalk and some one from Microsoft. I thought it was very good and informative and one point mentioned is very true.. That most programs do the same thing and have similar or the same features..its user interface / functions that will define the programs more than anything. All programs can have audio quantize..HOW they get you there will sell or not sell them.
  19. dr.funk

    Q With Rewire And Samplitude

    cool. I just started working with reason myself and realised I needed to use samplitude mixer..not reasons. Just makes mixing easier for me.
  20. dr.funk

    Q With Rewire And Samplitude

    Im not sure if this helps, but I use reason via rewire..I DONT use the mixer. I'll have the instrument tracks connected directly to the audio ouput channels in reason/rewire..all 64 channels and just delete channels I dont need. If this is NOT what you need...i apologize.
  21. dr.funk

    Hi, Highly Newb Question.

    You'll like it even more with......
  22. dr.funk

    Samplitude V8 Support Win Xp 64...?

    Im sure you can install and run it, but there is no advantage to running it in X64. its not large address aware, so it wont utilize a huge amount of ram. but it should run
  23. dr.funk

    Test Tone Vst

    Thanks Sascha Ill have a look see.
  24. dr.funk

    Test Tone Vst

    Are there any test tone/sinewave generating plugins? Free or otherwise?
  25. dr.funk

    Test Tone Vst

    Tobster, thanks! I totally didnt even see it. Cool edit pro...ahh..audio daw from the land before dirt. still works though. Now to make some sub kicks.