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  1. werner

    Independence Pro DMG won't install on mojave

    Yes, I noticed this too (10.14.4). And unfortunately the Mac version download is 3.2, not 3.5. Don't know if the Mac version has been updated. A link to an updated version would be really appreciated.
  2. werner

    clicks and pops in eFX_Reverb plugin

    I´ve never experienced that. Maybe it has to do with not so proper Audio editing (fades, crossfades at the end of objects, vocal editing etc.) ?
  3. werner

    Software won't register

    Crazy, X2 Installation worked, only Pro X didn't
  4. werner

    Software won't register

    At least our teamwork works
  5. werner

    Software won't register

    @TotteG There is really no way out here and this Software was already activated on my dongle years ago.
  6. werner

    Software won't register

    Hi Thomas, no offline Registration /activation possible from within the start page….
  7. werner

    Software won't register

    Something is wrong here. I tried an install of my old ProX Suite and run into the same problem. No activation possible of ProX and X2 . I will write to support, but that will be one of the lasts things i'm doing here.
  8. werner

    Software won't register

    If your OS is Windows 7, make sure that it's up to date and of couse you have to type in the correct serial. Good luck
  9. werner

    Software won't register

    Please try again as admin.
  10. werner

    Samplitude Pro X4 Videos by Kraznet

    Works great for manual deessing, nice and smooth.
  11. werner

    Die Zeiten sind nicht einfach

    Thanks Terry ! In fact after a year or so I didn`t expect any reaction at all, so i`ll take it as a good omen. For the first time the song goes live on stage this weekend in an acoustic version. What a coincidence... Thanks for listening!
  12. werner

    Happy New Year!!

    Happy New Year to all of you! No fake: The first rainbow of the new year
  13. Die "technischen Daten" der Magix Plugins weisen tatsächlich nur noch Windows als Systemvoraussetzung aus... Dann hoffe ich mal, das nicht auch noch Independence Mac gestrichen wird. Sound Forge Mac gibt es auch nicht mehr, SpectraLayers Pro hält den Apfel noch hoch.