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    Forum Software update

    Yes, I found it, thanks. Terry, no hard feelings.
  2. georgob

    Forum Software update

    Tom, thanks for looking into it. Not that it is soo important, though. More important to get the Beta forum again. And maybe the possibility to collapse the signatures? Georg
  3. georgob

    Forum Software update

    No, not really. The page gets smaller horizontally as well. And your signature eats up half of my monitor screen.... Some switch to hide signatures would be appreciated. Georg
  4. georgob

    Forum Software update

    That may be. But is takes too much space on a PC Monitor. I have to scroll down much more than before. I only get 2-3 posts on one screen. Also I dont like the line spacing. You see? New line. Avatars on the left take too much space. Quote button at the end of the post takes too much space. Before we had two different themes - one for mobile, one for PC. Would'nt that be better? Georg
  5. I heard that QT is indeed used in the latest versions. A connection to your problems seems likely. I strongly suggest you call support. Georg
  6. copy automation curve, paste automation curve. Be sure to have the correct automation curve enabled and visible in the destination track. Georg
  7. georgob

    Keyboard Shortcuts

    I had to read again when I saw the 20.000Euro for the Xynergi. Wow. G
  8. georgob

    Track Metering

  9. georgob

    Track Metering

    Which version you are on? I suspect you have accidentally ticked "cpu peakmeter" in the display options. This has been removed recently. Georg
  10. You have to transfer the range to the selected track. Double click in the range at the top and the range is over the selected track. Double click again and it is over all tracks. Maybe there is even a key command. I have one key command to create a range over all selected objects. Look under modifiy range. Georg
  11. No, I meant the mouse mode Link objects one track behind cursor position Or Link objects all tracks behind cursor position. I know for sure it works with markers (the markers move along with the first tracks objects) I know it works for time stretch pitch shift. I assume it will work for tempo changes...
  12. Activate link objects on one track Or link objects on all tracks. Before changing the tempo. Georg
  13. Turn on mixer FX Monitoring, turn on monitoring on the track (loudspeaker symbol). Georg
  14. Alles da: Markerlistenmanager. Marker anhand von Takeliste eingeben (geht ratzfatz) Befehl: Objekt an Projektmarkern auftrennen (oder so ähnlich) Die objekte bekommen so den Namen der Marker Georg
  15. Here it is. Rename it to Default_CrossFade.cfp and place it into you fx-preset folder. Georg NoOverlap.zip
  16. If you cannot define such a default crossfade in Sam, maybe it would be possible to place a default_crossfade.cfp that was created in Sequoia inside you Sam-fx-preset folder? Or try to edit this file with the editor, this seems to be possible. Georg
  17. Sorry, I think did understand Dan correctly, and with my method I am able to split objects with one keystroke, so that the left object fades out, and the right object fades in with NO overlap, means NO crossfade. I just discovered the animated gif is not showing correctly, so you didn't get my message right... Try here: Georg
  18. I can show you how it works with Sequoia - I do not know how to do it in Samplitude, though, because it lacks the Crossfade editor. Make a cut, go into the CFE, adjust the fade to you likings, save it as default fade. Done. The next cut will come up with these settings. Look here: Georg
  19. As previously said. Look into Windows sound settings. Your soundcard obviously switches back to the samplerate that is set in the control panel of windows. Georg
  20. I have this all the time with my motu 2408. Shitty driver. Look in your Windows Sound configuration an try setting the correct samplerate here. Ther is often a conflict between Windows sounds and ASIO. Just a guess. Georg
  21. georgob

    Understanding mono and panning

    afaik there are no real mono channels in samp. you have to work with stereo. Georg
  22. im arranger geht das auch. erste Spur markieren und dann mit shift oder Ctrl den Spurnamen- das ist wichtig! - anklicken. Georg
  23. georgob

    Neue EBU Richtlinie R 128

    Wenn du RME Hardware benutzt, gibt es in Digicheck die Möglichkeit R128 zu messen. Georg
  24. Thanks - I will report it in the Beta forum. I am in a similar situation. I do not have Protools or Avid and would like to export an aaf or omf to it. Until now without success. The other way round (from Avid or PT to Sequoia) works quite good, though. Georg
  25. Could you post the import log of ProTools? Georg