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  1. Marius Strand

    New Pro x3 suite user

    Id contact CS at this point, seems your activation isent working properly. And more important, i really hope the next ME turns out better than the previous one ;-)
  2. Marius Strand

    New Pro x3 suite user

    Are you saying that your stock Magix Samplitude plugins are running in trial mode or did you mean your 3rd party plugins?
  3. Marius Strand

    fade for x4

    A mini drop-down menu (like the save button has) for the crossfade on/off button perhaps?
  4. Give a subscribe too if you feel like... https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=pc4Bw2oMufs
  5. Marius Strand

    Community Manager Mathias introduces himself

    Welcome! ☺ +1 on the bugfixes in progress.
  6. Marius Strand

    News on Samplitude Pro-X3

    -Modular? I think you are asking for Samplitude to become a complete mess. -EQ1176 sounds very good IMO, it just lacks a sexy GUI. -I'd rather get a faster i7 then having Magix spend time working on Samplitude running on different architectures. Reserve your UAD for plugins. TBH, pretty crazy suggestions
  7. Marius Strand

    News on Samplitude Pro-X3

    For ProX3 i'd like: Less clutter/"lines" in the VIP window, like the universal mouse mode "horizontal" line, diagonal "lock" line etc. ARA Extended VST3 Audiowarp Manage AQ-markers from VIP DDP export for Samplitude/Suite Dockable mixer
  8. Marius Strand

    OT: very impressed with Reaper

    Tim, I remember earlier you wrote there was a new Product Manager for Samplitude/Sequoia with some new exiting strategies, wanna elaborate on that? I dont plan on switching to Reaper anytime soon btw, nulling or not, Sam workflow is superfast over here...
  9. Marius Strand

    OT: very impressed with Reaper

    Every single Mac user I know run Logix X, all Windows users I know runs Reaper or Cubase here in Norway. No-one here knows what Samplitude/Sequoia is. Im curous as to how v13 will price itself compared to Cubase, Studio One and Sonar. Reaper and LogicX is so cheap I don't see the reason to compare price with them. I certanly hope the Magix marketing dept. will make an effort to get v13 out there, for real! I feel slightly akward as all my clients tell me they've never heard about the software I use. Im that "wierdo" running Windows 8 and some exotic DAW.. hehe.
  10. I belive a DAW SHOULD be connected to the internet.
  11. This plugin should be have been named "Eventide Agressor Channel".