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  1. My new "single".

    That intro threw me off… Ooo weee uuu !!! Nicely done!
  2. John Dowland CD

  3. Some Independence Questions

    Independence was far too complicated for me to be get too technical with it but I do Love the sounds. just picking a sound, panning and combining instruments, having everything there to compose something in one midi track is nice. I think it is still a very useful tool, I still use my Roland R-70 rhythm composer from time to time to program patterns and that's ..old...but I am just so used to it.
  4. Keep clicking rescan it will eventually fix itself. (joking) I made 2 folders. One 32bit one 64bit. Put the dell's in there, then Scan the 32 bit first, then the 64 bit. Now they are somewhat organized. (I will be hiding that rescan command because it causes my vst's menus to get messed up again)